The following deed transfers were recorded at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds from May 14 through May 20:


Natalie Hess to Sally J. Millhorn

Cody E. Whitney to Edwin A. Whitney Testamentary Trust, Mark L. Harmon and Todd P. Johnson

Kent S. Whitney and Tammy L. Whitney to Mark L. Harmon and Todd P. Johnson

Edwin A. Whitney Testamentary Trust and Tiffany Whitney to Mark L. Harmon and Todd P. Johnson

Aurora Loan Services LLC, Anthony D. Hustus and Deborah D. Hustus to Aurora Loan Services LLC


21st Mortgage Corporation and Twenty First Mortgage Corporation to Leah Korin Ward

Eric Corbett, Lori W. Corbett and Lori Willoughby to Jeffrey W. Newsom and Laura Walker Newsom


Stephen L. Grenier and Phyllis M. Grenier to James E. Getchell


Jack McKay Jr., Anthony W. McKay, Richard M. McKay, Susan Seger, Timothy McKay, Terry Ripley and Jack McKay Sr. HRS to Nancy E. McKay

Ralph V. Fields, Wayne R. Fields, Scott C. Fields, Bruce W. Fields, Kathleen M. Paine, Kathleen M. Payne, Barry J. Fields and Ruth F. Fields to Shawn W. Fields


James H. Dunton, Margery P. Dunton HR, James W. Dunton and Jonna D. Horrigan to Walter Lamont Jr. and Darcie Lamont


Stephen G. Hardy and Jane H. Hardy to Day Family Living Trust

Ducktrap Properties LLC and Knox Mill Properties to Ducktrap Hospitality LLC

Lynn A. St. Pierre and Edward G. Cloutier to Christine P. West and Robert E. West

Morgan Stanley Mortgage Loan Trust 2007-1XS to Patricia Dunn Ingvoldstad


Harold J. Haley Est. to Lloyd N. Carson and Annette H. Carson


Autumn M. Birt and Adam P. Paul to Stuart Loten

Eric Gundorph Bruun EST to William B. Sayre


Town of Northport to George Drinkwater and Charlene Drinkwater

Town of Northport to Stephen Strange and Karynn Chateauneuf

Town of Northport to Donald Warner and Tara Warner


Robert P. Tupper and Vassar K. Tupper to John R. Johnston and Sharon E. Johnston


Richard B. Nickerson and Janice Nickerson to Andrew J. Johnson and Heather L. Johnson

SABR Mortgage Loan 2008-1 REO Subsidiary-1 LLC, Ann Clark Treat and Joshua Treat IV to SABR Mortgage Mortgage Loan 2008-1 Subsidiary-1 LLC

Stockton Springs

Parker W. Gray Jr. and Bonnie Lee Gray to William M. Gray and Heidi L. Gray

Paul A. Roberts to Clyde L. Shue and Kim E. Shoe


Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust, Amber L. Gaouette and Michael J. Gaouette to Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust


Parker W. Gray Jr. to William M. Gray


Betty Ann Young and Betty Ann Millett to Jacqueline M. Gray

John B. Dimond to Richard H. Storch and Carl E. Storch

Renaissance Home Equity Loan Trust 2006-1 to Sundance J. Campbell and Michele D. Campbell