It’s Trek time!

The 26th Annual Trek Across Maine will be coming to the end of the road in Belfast Sunday, June 20. This three-day fundraising cycling event travels 180 miles across the state of Maine, starting at Sunday River Resort in Newry and finishing at Steamboat Landing in Belfast. In 2009, the Trek raised $1.9 million in support of the mission of the American Lung Association.

The Trek is expected to draw more than 2,000 cyclists to participate in the event, with another 2,000 family members and support staff who will also be in Belfast at the finish line. The American Lung Association is looking to recruit 100 local volunteers to support the cyclists and staff on Sunday in Belfast. There are all sorts of volunteer tasks available starting at 6:30 a.m. and ranging until 4 p.m. Flexible scheduling and shift times are available. The ALA is looking for volunteers of all ages to join us for an exciting day filled with fun, food and festivities! There are many Belfast-area riders and volunteers. Please join your neighbors and lend a hand to host this event.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Kim Denbow, volunteer coordinator for the American Lung Association, at 624-0313, or by e-mail at, or check out the Web site: for more information. Sign up today!

Mike Hurley



Thoughts on war

What is “an act of war”? And how do we define it? During these times of war I believe these are valid questions up for debate.

I was reading the book by Sun-Tzu, “The Art of War.” It is a translation of a 2,400-year-old book that was written as a strategy manual of how to perform and outwit an adversary. The rules of the book can be used for daily living as well as for modern warfare: “Strategy requires a dynamically assertive spirit.”

The best strategy in warfare is to defeat the enemy and occupy their country without using the military in armed conflict. Siege is a last resort. The oldest technique is to first assault the food supply and undermine the economy from within. As General [Stanley] McChrystal, [current commander of American and international forces in Afghanistan], might say, “softening up the target.”

A corporation has attacked our country with petroleum oil. Our food supply from the Gulf of Mexico is now terminated. The petroleum oil is destroying the tourist industry in the vast area of the Gulf of Mexico. This destruction by a corporation, a fiction under the color of war, is being accepted as a cost of doing business in this age of petroleum.

Big business rules, profits over people is the rule of unbridled capitalism.

Do you know who or what the enemy looks like? I don’t think so.

Patrick Quinn