The fifth annual Belfast Free Library Chess Tournament was held this year in the Abbot room of the library May 17. There were four winners from the three-round tournament with 2.5 points each. They are: Chase Sanders, Bryce Caldwell, Corey Deschammps, and Guthrie Purinton-Brown.

The chess tournament would like to thank the following businesses for providing pizza at the tournament: Bayside Store, Pizza Hut, Dead River and Alexia’s. In addition, some parents brought snacks in the shape of chess boards and pieces.

All participants received visors with Belfast Chess printed on the front. The hope is for some of the players to move up from the novice section to the championship section next spring at the state tournament. There may be chess games played this summer and they will resume chess in the fall after Labor Day. Check the local papers.

Club members thanked the library for its support.