Waldo County Healthcare gave a tour of its new facility the morning of May 28, after a ribbon-cutting ceremony and a brief speech by President of the Board of Directors Jenness Robbins, who thanked Waldo County Healthcare staff, Executive Director Mark Biscone, architect Michael Hogan and builders from the Sheridan Corporation.

A crowd of community members and staff attended the ceremony and walked through the various rooms of the 14,000-square foot, two-story building, which took a year to plan and eight months to build.

The new building, directly across the street from Waldo County General Hospital and adjacent to the old motel in which health care staff had previously been working, will fulfill both patient and department needs, said Biscone.

Dialysis Clinic Inc., a nonprofit organization providing outpatient dialysis, will lease the first floor, Biscone said, where it will expand its services to twice as many patients. DCI had previously been working with six dialysis stations in the hospital, Biscone said, but the need “just kept growing and growing.”

The second floor of the new building will house the community relations staff, human resources department and physician practices.

Eventually, Biscone said, Waldo County Healthcare may level the motel in the next couple of years to create more space for a second building to provide more support services.

The Waldo County Healthcare staff will move into the new building over the next two weeks, while DCI moved in over the weekend and officially opened its doors to dialysis patients this week.