On June 2, seniors at Mount View High School unveiled their gift  to the school — an eight-foot-tall sculpture of the school’s mascot, the mustang, mounted on a cement base that reads “Gift from the Class of 2010.”

Principal Lynda Letteney and Clayton Larrabee, who worked on the cement base for the sculpture, were also on hand to watch the unveiling. Letteney called the gift a “selfless gesture.”

“Most kids throw themselves a big senior party or they go on a big trip with all the money they’ve raised as a class,” Letteney said. “Not these guys. They put all their money into this gift.”

Senior class Treasurer Ethan Stubbs said the senior gift, which cost about $4,500, was something the Class of 2010 discussed for a long time.

“We figured if you stick kids in a hallway for a night, they can make their own fun,” Stubbs said. “It doesn’t matter where they go.”

The students threw a party at Lake St. George instead, said Stubbs, and it cost them nothing. Letteney said that spirit of giving is typical of the class of 2010, citing a student’s 500 hours of community service as an example. According to Letteney, students are required to perform 15 hours of community service throughout their four years at Mount View.

“This class is very special,” said Letteney. “I’m very proud of them.”

The senior class, which will graduate Sunday, June 6, will be the first to graduate from Mount View’s new high school, opened last year.