Rain early in the week put a damper on some early games, but the first round of the Busline League baseball and softball playoffs is complete, with second-round games scheduled for Friday or Saturday, June 4-5.

The single-elimination postseason tournament began Wednesday, June 2 and will continue this weekend and Tuesday, June 8. At this point, the championship games are scheduled for Thursday, June 10 at Medomak Middle School or Medomak Valley High School. However, that venue could change depending on the teams involved.

The following is an update of upcoming games in each division and sport:

North Division baseball — No. 1 Camden-Rockport will host No. 4 Rockland and No. 2 Hope-Appleton will host No. 3 Troy Howard Middle School of Belfast. The Hope-Appleton and Troy Howard game will be Saturday, June 5 at 11 a.m. and CRMS will host Rockland at 3 p.m. the same day.

North Division softball — No. 1 Rockland will host No. 5 Belfast or No. 4 Thomaston Grammar School and No. 2 Medomak Middle School will host No. 3 Camden-Rockport. The Medomak and Camden-Rockport game will be Saturday, June 5 at 3 p.m. in Waldoboro.

South Division baseball — No. 1 Wiscasset will host the No. 5 Camden-Rockport seventh-graders and No. 2 Great Salt Bay of Damariscotta will host No. 3 Bristol. The GSB and Bristol game will be Friday, June 4 at 3 p.m.

South Division softball — No. 1 Jefferson will host No. 4 Boothbay and No. 2 Bristol will host No. 3 GSB. The Bristol and GSB game will be Friday, June.

The final North Division regular-season softball standings were: Rockland District Middle School 8-0, Medomak Middle School 7-1, Camden-Rockport Middle School 5-3, Thomaston Grammar School 4-3, Troy Howard Middle School of Belfast 3-4, Hope-Appleton 2-6, Lincolnville Central School 1-7 and Searsport District Middle School 1-7.

The final North Division regular-season baseball standings were: Camden-Rockport 8-0, Hope-Appleton 7-1, Troy Howard 6-2, Rockland 3-5, St. George-Thomaston 3-5, Medomak 2-6, Searsport 2-6 and Lincolnville 1-7.

The final South Division regular-season softball standings were: Jefferson 7-0, Bristol 5-2, Great Salt Bay of Damariscotta 4-3, Boothbay 3-4, Camden-Rockport 1-7 and Wiscasset 0-6.

The final South Division regular-season baseball standings were: Wiscasset 7-1, Great Salt Bay 6-1-1, Bristol 6-1-1, Medomak 3-5, Camden-Rockport 3-5, Jefferson 1-7 and Boothbay 1-7.

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The first round of the North Division playoffs saw No. 1 Camden-Rockport beat No. 8 Lincolnville, No. 2 Hope-Appleton beat No. 7 Searsport, No. 3 Troy Howard beat No. 6 Medomak and No. 4 Rockland beat No. 5 St. George-Thomaston.

The first round of the South Division playoffs saw No. 1 Wiscasset receive a bye and No. 2 Great Salt Bay beat No. 7 Boothbay, No. 3 Bristol beat No. 6 Jefferson and No. 5 Camden-Rockport beat No. 4 Medomak.

A recap of reported first-round playoff games include:

On Wednesday, the Camden-Rockport seventh-graders beat the Medomak seventh-graders 11-9. In a back-and-forth affair, CRMS was led by Teddy Laurita and Daulton Wickenden. The two combined to pitch and Laurita had four RBIs and Wickenden three RBIs and four runs. Others scoring runs were Drew Holt (1), Andrew Hall (3), Teddy Laurita (1), Matthew Crockett (1) and Justin Lopez (1).

For Medomak, Micah Williamson, Jamie Temple, Gavin Felch, Lonnie Adolphsen, Bryce Collamore, Spencer Weiss, Kenny Hooper, Nicholas Reed and Robbie Flint all scored runs. Williamson and Adolpshen both had two hits, Temple three hits and Emerson a triple to lead the charge.

On Wednesday at Hope, Hope-Appleton defeated Searsport 12-0. Ben Welt pitched five innings for the winners, with 10 strikeouts, and Sam Berry worked an inning, with two strikeouts.

For the hosts, Sam Berry (4 RBIs), Aubrey Pennington (3 RBIs) and Drew Stanley (4 runs) helped pave the way for the win. Chris Bresnahan, Adam Holbrook, Cam Lafleche and Henry Laurita each had a single to contribute.

Coach Ryan Berry praised Pennington for his efforts behind the plate where he threw out two base runners. He also praised Welt. “Ben pitched a great game for us tonight,” Berry said. “He showed good control and helped himself in the field as well.”

On Wednesday, Troy Howard’s beat Medomak 5-1. Tim Farrar pitched six innings for the Riverhawks and allowed seven walks and seven hits, with five strikeouts. On offense, Farrar, Clarence Porter and Josh Lee each had a single for Medomak.

Medomak scored its only run in the top of the third inning when Mike Wadsworth scored on a grounder by Adam Feener. Troy Howard responded with four runs in the bottom of the third to seal the win.

Additional information for the Lions was unavailable.

On Wednesday, the Camden-Rockport eighth-graders beat Lincolnville 15-3. For the Schooners, Justin Stearns had a double and two runs, Matt Hall three runs, Connor Graffam three runs, Cailean Schecter a triple and three runs and Sam Gimlewicz two runs. Crans also had three hits and Graffam a double.

Gimlewicz also had a quick throw to second base that led to an out for a Lynx runner trying to steal.

With a 3-1 lead after two-plus innings, it appeared Lincolnville might take the win. However, the tides dramatically changed as Camden-Rockport scored another 14 runs and the Lynx remained stagnant.

CRMS used five pitchers, including starter Graffam. That group had 10 strikeouts. For the Lynx, Wyatt Parra was the starting pitcher.  Rollins, Williams and Decker-Griffin all scored for Lincolnville, while Rollins, Benson and Bennett had hits.

On Thursday at Rockland, the host Eagles broke loose from a tie in the sixth inning to pull out a 6-2 win against St. George-Thomaston.

Rockland’s J.T. Tobin pitched six innings and allowed two hits and four walks, with 10 strikeouts. Hunter Grindle pitched the final stanza, with two strikeouts.

Douglas Anderson pitched 5 2/3 innings for the Dragons and gave up two hits, with six strikeouts. Jim Strong finished the game and allowed two hits.

Offensively for the Dragons, Anderson (single, RBI-double), Sloane Smith (single, run), and Philip Atwood (run) contributed.

For Rockland, Ryan Alexander (single, 2 runs), Tobin (2 singles, 2 runs), Jacob Brackett (run), Grindle (single, run), Nate Philbrook (single, RBI), Trenton Jarett (2 singles) and Cody Chase (single, RBI) keyed the offense.

The Eagles jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the first inning and held the edge until the third when St. George-Thomaston rallied to tie. Then in the sixth inning, Rockland found a burst of success with a two-out, four-run rally to break the tie and cement the victory.


The first round of the North Division playoffs saw No. 1 Rockland beat No. 8 Searsport, No. 2 Medomak beat No. 7 Lincolnville, No. 3 Camden-Rockport beat No. 6 Hope-Appleton and No. 4 Thomaston beat No. 5 Belfast.

The first round of the South Divsion playoffs saw No. 1 Jefferson and No. 2 Bristol receive byes, while No. 3 GSB beat No. 6 Wiscasset and No. 4 Boothbay beat No. 5 Camden-Rockport.

A recap of reported first-round playoff games include:

On Wednesday in Waldoboro, Medomak Middle School beat Lincolnville 17-0 in five innings. Kristy Severson pitched the win for the Riverhawks, with 15 strikeouts.

Becca Beal and Sammie Griffin led the ‘Hawks with strong offense. Beal had a home run and triple and Griffin a triple and double. Casey Roach, Olivia Blachet, Severson and Hannah Marks had three singles each. Lauren Guptill added two singles and Hope Lash and Taylor Mason had a single each to contribute to the win.

The Riverhawks came out strong with seven runs in the first inning, two in both the second and third and finished with six runs in the fourth.

For Lincolnville, Hannah Bode pitched. Kaitlyn Novak had the only hit and Cheyanne Jones reached base via a walk. All other Lynx batters struck out.

On Wednesday in Camden, the Camden-Rockport eighth-grade team defeated Hope-Appleton 16-4.

Kate Moody pitched four innings for Hope-Appleton and gave up three walks and 15 hits, with five strikeouts.

Hannah Corney pitched the game for the Schooners and allowed three walks and four hits, with nine strikeouts. In addition, she made three defensive outs, throwing a runner out at first, catching an infield pop-up and turning a double play by gunning the lead runner out at second.

At the plate, Doran (2 hits), Bowman (hit), Corney (4 hits), Natalie Hamalainen (double, 2 hits), Homans (hit), Anna Gambell (2 hits), Brittany Winslow (hit) Dakota Hanke-Ledwith (hit), Tori Cain (hit) and Ellie Pendleton (hit) all contributed to the Schooner win. Doran and Bowman both made defensive outs throwing runners out at first.

K. Williams, P. Morgridge, B. Hilt and R. Agnor all had hits for Hope-Appleton. Defensively, for the visitors, R. Agnor and Morgridge also threw runners out at first and Moody, P. Maddocks and Morgridge all caught infield flies for outs.

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