Officer Brian Lunt of the Lincolnville Police Department was proceeding south on Atlantic Highway at approximately 4:41 p.m. on June 12 when a 2009 Buell motorcycle passed him on radar at 79 mph. Lunt turned his vehicle around and activated the lights to stop the motorcycle, but the operator refused to stop, according to police. Lunt observed as the motorcycle continued on, turning left onto Beach Road at an accelerated rate of speed, which Lunt estimated reached 100 mph. When Lunt got close enough to see the motorcycle, he observed that a passenger also was riding on the back and the officer ended the pursuit of the vehicle out of concern for safety.

Lunt slowed and lost sight of the vehicle, which continued at a high rate of speed. Lunt continued to travel through Sleepy Hollow and, upon cresting the hill, observed a cloud of smoke and came upon the motorcycle, which had left the roadway and crashed into a tree on the side of the road. Both the operator, Andrew Ludwig, 20, of Hope and his passenger, Ashley O’Brien, 21, of Hope were thrown from the motorcycle and had struck two separate trees.The operator was wearing a helmet, but the passenger was not.

When Lunt exited the police cruiser to evaluate the injuries, Ludwig came toward him, at which point Ludwig was ordered to the ground and was secured by Lunt into handcuffs. Lunt dispatched an ambulance and Police Chief Ron Young to the scene. Both passenger and operator were transported by the Camden First Aid Association to Penobscot Bay Medical Center in Rockport for non-life-threatening injuries.

Ludwig was issued criminal summonses by Lunt for eluding an officer — a Class C felony — failure to stop for a police officer, driving to endanger, criminal speed and attaching false plates. Ludwig told Lunt that the reason he would not stop was that the plates on the bike belonged on another motorcycle.

The accident report was covered by Sgt. James Greeley of the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office. Greeley estimated damage to the motorcycle at approximately $6,000, a total loss. The motorcycle was towed from the scene by Totman’s Wrecker. The incident remains under investigation.