One of the most important services that the town provides its youth is the opportunity to participate in swimming lessons in the summer. Paula Maxim has taught swimming lessons for the town of Unity for more than 30 years, calling herself “the old lady of the lake,” and loves each new season.

Lessons in swimming and lifesaving skills will held at the town beach by the boat launch from June 21-July 2. Swimming lessons are for the children of Unity residents. Unity parents continue to support the program, and appreciate the consistency of instruction and knowing that their children will learn new swimming and lifesaving skills early in the season to practice all summer. Lessons consist of learning swimming strokes as well as lifesaving skills, such as reaching and wading assists, throwing a life ring, and how to swim using various types of life jackets.

As children progress through the sequence of instruction, they learn new swimming strokes and techniques to increase the distance they can swim.

The continued financial support of the townspeople through funding this instruction is appreciated by Maxim, the instructor, parents and most importantly the children of Unity.

Lessons are half an hour long, and grouped according to age and ability. Children, ages 5 and up can participate. Children who are 4 years old are welcome into the lessons as long as there is an adult, such as their parent, with them to provide flotation support. To sign up for lessons or for more information, call Paula Maxim at 941-8077 after 5 p.m. Lessons are free, but there is a small administrative fee of $5, payable the first class.