Belfast police recently summoned two people in separate trespassing incidents.

In the first, police summoned a resident of a Main Street apartment complex for trespassing in the home of a neighbor on June 5. Chief Jeffrey Trafton said Cheryl Jack, 50, entered the home of a neighbor whom she thought was not home. Trafton said the victim, a resident of the same apartment building, found Jack sitting on her bed, flipping through channels on her television. The victim called police, who summoned Jack on June 14 and charged her with criminal trespass. Trafton said he did not believe Jack had a motive.

In a separate incident, police summoned Albert Verdosci, 70, after he was allegedly caught in the apartment of a neighbor at the Volunteers of America housing on Booth Drive June 9. Police said the victim had been sitting in one of the building’s common areas when she spotted Verdosci walking and looking around. She told police she suspected he might have intended to go into someone’s apartment, something police said neighbors have complained about in the past.

Police said when the victim checked her apartment, which was not locked, she found Verdosci there and immediately called police. According to law enforcement officials, Verdosci said he had entered the victim’s apartment to drop off a painting he had for her. Police reported that Verdosci did not have a painting with him and did not respond when asked where the painting was. Verdosci was summoned June 9 and charged with criminal trespass. He is scheduled to appear at Fifth District Court Aug. 3.