An arrest or summons does not constitute a finding of guilt. An individual charged with a crime is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty at criminal proceedings.

Law enforcement officials with the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office reported the following activity between June 9 and June 15.

June 9
Joel Rubenstein, 23, of Bath was arrested and charged with trafficking in prison contraband and possession of hydrocodone.

Phillip Russell, 39, of Bucksport, was arrested and charged with trafficking in prison contraband, possession of hydrocodone, possession of oxycodone and possession of Schedule Y drugs (lorazepam).

Michael G. Butkewicz, 39, of Palermo was arrested on a warrant for failing to appear in court for previous charges of improper plates.

June 10
Alejandro Alfonso Diaz Lopez, 21, of Knox was summoned for failing to give notice of an accident by quickest means and for operating an unregistered motor vehicle.

At about 6:50 a.m., Dennis W. Cash, 16, of Liberty was driving on Penney Road in Montville when he took a corner too fast and fishtailed. Cash attempted to correct the vehicle and it fishtailed in the opposite direction before veering off the right side of the road. The car struck the ditch embankment and rolled over. No injuries were reported. Damage to the 2010 Mitsubishi four-door Cash was driving was estimated at $3,500.

June 11
Joshua Reynolds, 25, of Albion was summoned for operating after suspension and for failing to show proof of insurance.

Dustin M. Wood, 20, of Brooks was summoned for operating without a license.

June 12
Marshall H Lowe, 46, of Jackson was arrested for operating without a license in violation of condition/restriction and violation of conditional release.

Brent R. Lee, 48, of Unity was summoned for operating beyond license condition.

Sheldrick C. Curtis, 42, of Brooks was arrested for violation of a protection order.

Waldo County Chief Deputy Bob Keating said Lincolnville Police Officer Brian Lunt was pursuing Andrew Ludwig, 20, of Hope for speeding on Route 173 South in Lincolnville at about 4:40 p.m. Ludwig failed to stop and was trying to elude police when he lost control of his 2009 motorcycle and struck a tree. Ludwig hit the same tree that his motorcycle crashed into, while Ludwig’s passenger was thrown from the motorcycle and struck a different tree. Sgt. James Greeley of the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office and the Camden First Aid Association reported to the scene of the accident. Police said Ludwig and his passenger were treated for unknown injuries. Damage to Ludwig’s motorcycle was estimated at $6,000.

James Carter, 54, of Enfield, was driving a 2005 Dodge van north on Route 1 in Northport at about 8:45 p.m. when he was unable to avoid a deer crossing the roadway. Neither Carter nor his passengers were injured in the accident. Damage to Enfield’s van was estimated at $1,500.

June 13
Bo D. Brassbridge, 16, of Monroe was summoned for operating without a license.

Katlyn M. Malo, 19, of Thomaston was traveling on Poor Farm Road in Frankfort at about 7:20 a.m. when she fell asleep and went off the left side of the road. Her 1996 Chevrolet four-door struck a rock in the ditch and rolled onto its roof. Deputy Benjamin L. Seekins and Winterport Volunteer Ambulance Service reported to the scene of the accident. Malo was treated for minor injuries. Damage to her car was estimated at $3,500.

June 14
Melissa Ruttenberg, 40, of Belfast was summoned for an inspection sticker violation.

Amy F. Jarzabek, 26, of Corinth was summoned for an inspection sticker violation.

June 15
Nicholas D. Newell, 32, of Swanville was summoned for speeding 63 mph in a 40 mph zone on Route 1 in Stockton Springs.

Scott D. Saucier, 43, of Brooks was summoned for an inspection sticker violation.