Lincolnville selectmen will convene Monday, June 21 at 6 p.m. for a regularly scheduled meeting at the Lincolnville Central School to appoint citizen volunteers to committees, discuss the derelict house at the corner of routes 235 and 52, and consider a possible revision to the parking ordinance.

Known in town as the “blue house,” the building was inspected and declared dangerous by the town last year. The bank, Chase Home Finance LLC, foreclosed on the property and now the matter has returned before the selectmen, who will decide if they want to proceed with a dangerous building hearing.

A dangerous building hearing, according to state statute, allows a municipality to determine the disposal of a building or structure that has been deemed hazardous and unsafe after holding a public hearing.

In other town business, the selectmen will appoint municipal officers for a one-year term, in accordance with the town charter. They will also decide who will serve on town committees and boards.

They will also discuss the parking spots on Route 1 in front of the post office at Lincolnville Beach. According to the selectmen’s newsletter circulated by Town Administrator David Kinney, selectmen will hear about time parameters on parking spaces for vehicles and buses at the post office.

Kinney outlined a few solutions: “1) leave the situation as is and not regulate the duration of parking in these spots, or 2) seek to amend the parking ordinance to regulate the duration of parking in these spots.”

The town has also received an offer from the Maine Department of Transportation of a $29,500 grant as part of Gateway 1 for Lincolnville planning purposes. The selectmen will decide at the Monday, June 21 meeting whether to accept it.