The students in Rhonda Bishop Wood’s second-grade class at the Nickerson School wrote about what makes them special. Wood said the students dedicated their essays to their fathers.

A Special Girl

By Annabelle

I am special because I have a sister, a father, and a mother. I am almost rich and almost have everything I want. I have a few teen-aged friends named Zoey, Lissy, Mary Kate, Jack, and Hannah. I have two bunnies, eight chickens, two dogs, and two cats. I got my dog when I was a baby. I am good at building sculptures with clay. Art is one of my special talents. I love reading because when I read it feels as if I’m in the story. My favorite book in the whole world is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

I’m a Special Kid

By Isaak

I am special because I can fix things like computers and my bike. I can do pop-a-wheelies on my bike now. I help my little sister ride on her bike with no training wheels. I am smart in math, too. I am good at taking care of animals. My cat’s name is Boots. The other cats are Pixie, Nike, and Harley. I feed them and play with them. The sport that I’m best at is basketball, but I also play baseball. I’m on the Red Sox team. Once I hit two home runs in one game. I felt great!

Special Me

By Anna

Do you want to know why I’m special? I am special because I have a cool brother and a generous mother. I am the tallest kid in the class. I can sing and dance. I am very creative. I am special because I am kind, smart, and share with people. I am also a good swimmer. There are a lot of things that make me special.

What I Am Good At

By Brandon

I am special because I am good at Play Station 2. I’m up to the pro-level. There’s a secret s, too. I am an expert at a computer game called Club Penguin. I’m really good at kickball because I can kick the ball way past first base. When I play boxing with my little sister, Sarah, I sometimes let her win.

I Am a Princess

By Faythe

I am special because I help my mom and my grammy take care of my dog, Gracie. I make my bed and share my snacks with my friends at school. I am good at playing two- square, hula-hooping, going on the witch’s hat, and swimming. I am excellent at art. I like to draw butterflies and horses. I use markers, crayons, and colored pencils. Being an artist makes me feel proud of myself.

Secrets About Me

By Ben

What makes me special? I like to wrestle. I won five medals and four ribbons. My best move is a double-leg takedown. I like gym because I’m good at throwing a baseball. Football and kickball are also my favorite sports. My dad has a boat and we go fishing a lot. I caught five mackerels. We went camping on Moosehead Lake and had a cookout. I helped build a campfire. I got to go hunting, too.

Why I Am Special

By Mercedez

I am special because I am nice to people. If one of my little friends falls, I help them back up. I am good at math and reading. I love to sing in music class. At my Nana’s house, I help her take out the dogs and put them in the pen because my Bumpa is in the hospital. I like to ride my bike by the stream so I can get exercise. When I grow up I want to be a doctor so I can help people who are really sick.

I Am Special

By Kolby

I am special because I can fix the computer at school. When people are stuck I help them. I have a lot of friends. I am nice to them. At school we play kickball, four-square, and two-square. I like gym, music and art. Math is my favorite subject. Capture 5 is fun to play. I have two big brothers named Kasey and Dustin. I help them work on projects like building a bike ramp. I’m really good at mountain biking. I can do wheelies and stunts.

Why Am I Special?

By Heaven

I have seven brothers and sisters. I love them. Do you want to know their names? There’s Devin, Vincent, Emberlyn, Danny, Shawn, Ivy Rose, and Isabella. I am very kind. I help my mother entertain my little sisters. Sometimes I read to them. If they’re thirsty, I get them juice or milk. It feels great to be a big sister.

I’m Special

By Isaac

I am special because I play with my dog, unload the dishwasher and load it back up, clean my room, make my bed and help my mom around the house. I’m good at playing my guitar with my brother, Dylan. He has an electric guitar. We make Hip Hop music together. I’m good at following the rules. When I get out in four-square I show good sportsmanship and I don’t throw a tantrum.

How I’m Special

By Hayleigh

I’m cute! My special talent is speed-skating. I love to skate. I have lots of medals and trophies. I like to play basketball, too. Art is my favorite subject because I can do creative things. I enjoy drawing and painting. I’m really good at doing math. My family helps me with my homework. I’m special because I used to help my Great-Aunt Juliette make scrambled eggs for breakfast. Sometimes I clean up the house for my mom.