This summer, Seaport Family Practice welcomes a trio of new graduates to Belfast. Megan Britton, M.D., is a family physician who just completed her fellowship in Integrative Medicine. Jeff Newsom, M.D., is a family physician who brings obstetrical services and hospital coverage to our practice. Elizabeth Connelly, P.A.C., is a physician’s assistant who will expand the coverage for nursing home residents and the homebound. While each has a special area of interest, all will practice the full spectrum of primary care. They trained in Maine, and Megan and Elizabeth were born and raised in rural Maine. Jeff hails from rural Pennsylvania. They chose the Belfast community as much as they chose our practice to begin their careers.

There is a critical shortage of highly qualified primary-care physicians, and Seaport had been recruiting without success for years. “We hope to blend our clinical experience with their latest training, our patience with their energy, our sense of tradition with their openness to change” stated Seaport Family Practice.

The expanded workforce will allow Seaport to extend its hours to Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings. It can now more ably educate the next generation of physicians through its affiliation with the Tufts-MMC Medical School.

All three are now accepting new patients.