Lincolnville selectmen breezed through a list of committee, board and commission appointments at their June 20 meeting, agreeing for the most part on all of them, save for some on the Planning Board and the Land Use Committee.

It was then that the Board of Selectmen split, with some members saying it was time for a change on those two boards, and others maintaining that the time and experience of those committee and board members were assets not to be discarded.

Meeting for a regularly scheduled board meeting at the Lincolnville Central School, the board also addressed an agenda that included discussion about four parking spaces in front of the Lincolnville Beach Post Office. Those spaces are not posted with time limits, and there has been a trend for drivers to park cars there all day and take the ferry to Islesboro to work, said Lincolnville Beach parking officer Richard McLaughlin. Some spaces have been used overnight, and Concord Coach Lines pulls up in front of the post office to pick up passengers there around 5:30 a.m.

The selectmen agreed that action was needed to alter the free nature of the spaces, and decided to conduct a survey among Lincolnville Beach business owners  to determine what they think is the best time limit for parking spaces there — 15 minutes to four hours. Then the matter will return before the board for a public hearing.


As stipulated by town charter, the selectmen must appoint officials and committee members each year following town meeting for open positions. At the June 20 board meeting, selectmen voted 5 to 0 on the rosters of most committees, but disagreed about appointments to the Land Use Committee and Planning Board.

Land Use Committee: Selectmen Kathy Hardy, Jason Trundy and Rosey Gerry approved the following member list: Jeanne Hollingsworth, Jay Foster and Scott Crockett as regular members; and Paul Crowley and Shade Laprade as alternate members.

The purpose of the Land Use Committee, according to the charter, is to write, rewrite and/or amend zoning and land use ordinances in collaboration with the Planning Board.

The Board of Selectmen did not approve reappointing David Ray, a current member, to the committee.

Selectmen Stacey Parra and Robert Plausse voted against the motion that did not include the reappointment of Ray.

After the meeting, they both explained their positions, say that Ray added balance to the advisory committee.

Planning Board: The selectmen also split on appointments to the Planning Board, again opposing the motion that effectively removed Ray from that board.

The Planning Board’s purpose, according to the charter, is to review subdivision applications in accordance with the provisions of Lincolnville’s Subdivision Ordinance, review applications for activity in the shoreland zone in accordance with the provisions of the Land Use Ordinance, and work in collaboration with the Land Use Committee to prepare amendments for zoning and other land use ordinances.

Hardy made a motion to appoint Scott Crockett to a three-year term on the board, Jay Foster as an alternate for one year, John Stephens for a one-year term, and Paul Crowley as an alternate for one year. Other board members already seated include Chairman Lois Lyman and Donald Heald IV.

Plausse said he was not in favor of the motion, noting that current board member Heald works for Crowley, as does Stephens.

Lyman asked the selectmen why they were not reappointing Ray to the board.

“I wrote a statement that he gave the committee some sort of balance,” she said. The Planning Board, which is quasi-judicial in its proceedings, needs to be well represented, she said.

“It’s pretty heavy on contractors born here,” she said. “That’s OK, but other people in town should be represented.”

Said Hardy, “It’s time to get a new person on that board.”

Gerry suggested the selectmen table the matter until payroll records were checked to determine who worked for whom.

Plausse reiterated his concern about balance of viewpoints on the Planning Board, and Lyman suggested the selectmen appoint Ray as an alternate for one year.

Hardy then amended her motion, and instead of appointing Crowley as an alternate she added Ladleah Dunn to the position. Her motion also included moving Stephens from being an alternate to serving a three-year term. That motion created a board that includes Lyman, Heald, Robert Winslow, Crockett and Stephens; Foster and Dunn were appointed alternates.

Lyman said the board now would be composed of new members.

“It would be good to keep experience,” she said. “You need someone on the board who represents the environmental point of view and who is picky. These days you need to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Someone who takes it seriously is important.”

“Ladleah Dunn is an environmentalist,” said Gerry. “She is very well educated.”

The vote then concluded with Gerry, Hardy and Trundy in favor, and Parra and Plausse opposed.

After the meeting, Gerry said it was time for someone else’s turn on the Planning Board.

Trundy said it was time for somebody new to have a chance.

Parra and Plausse maintained that the board, as well as the Land Use Committee, needed a balance of diverse viewpoints.