The Midcoast Babe Ruth baseball league regular season is nearly over, which means playoff games again are on the horizon.

June 29 was the final day for scheduled regular-season games before the playoffs begin, but there are a handful of makeup games that need to be played before the final standings and playoff pairings will be released, which will be included in a later story.

The following is a recap of recently reported game results. Coaches can report results by calling 594-4401 or by e-mail at

At Thomaston June 29, visiting Waldoboro emerged with a 10-3 victory over Georges Valley.

Top hitters for Waldoboro were Shane Osier (double, 2 singles, 3 runs), Ryan Ripley (2 singles, 4 runs), Kerry Madden (single), Chris Gove (2 singles), Calvin Robbins (single) and Jamie Temple (single).

For Georges Valley, Seth Batty (single, 2 stolen bases), Drew Townsend (single, RBI, stolen base) and Nick Judge (single, RBI, stolen base) led the offense.

John Murray tossed a complete game for Waldoboro, allowing three hits and 10 walks, while striking out nine batters. Dylan Maloney and Sloane Smith each pitched for Georges Valley, with Maloney allowing nine hits and five walks, while striking out four. Smith struck out one batter in relief.

At Rockland June 27, Camden plated five runs in the fifth inning to pull away from the hosts with a 6-3 victory.

Top hitters for Camden were Adam Carlsen (triple, run), Eliot Grindle (single), Chandler Crans (double), Daulton Wickenden (single, run), Isaac Filderman (single, run), and Taylor Benner (single, run).

For Rockland, Justin Snow (single) and Cole Chase (single) had the lone hits.

Jordan Carter and N. Philbrook pitched for Rockland, allowing six hits and five walks, with eight strikeouts. Carlsen, Grindle and Wickenden all pitched for Camden, allowing a combined two hits and four walks, with six strikeouts.

Rockland returned the favor in game two and defeated Camdenn 7-4.

Top hitters for Rockland were Bates (2 hits, two stolen bases, run), Snow (double, run, RBI), Daniel Stone (double, 2 runs, RBI), J.T. Tobin (single, run, 2 RBIs), Mazlin Higbee (single, 2 RBIs) and Ian Foss (double, RBI).

For Camden, McFarland (3 hits), Benner (2 hits, 2 runs), Grindle (2 hits, RBI), Chandler Crans (2 hits), Carlsen (hit), Wickenden), Elazar Allwine (hit), Filderman (hit, run) and Wolfie Boegel (hit, RBI).

Snow tossed a complete game for Rockland, allowing 14 hits and one walk, while striking out five. McFarland, Wickenden and Grindle combined to allow seven hits and four walks, while striking out seven.

At Rockport June 27, Belfast and Rockport split a doubleheader, with Belfast winning 9-8 in game one and Rockport prevailing 11-7 in game two.

In game one, Connor Hart, Taylor Hall and Sam Berry all pitched for Rockport, allowing seven hits and three walks, while striking out 13. Tyler Prescott went the distance for Belfast, scattering 11 hits and three walks, while striking out six.

Top hitters for Rockport were Evan Drinkwater (double, 2 singles, RBI), Connor Hart (2 singles, 2 RBIs), Taylor Hall (double, single, 2 RBIs), Jake Davee (single, RBI), Matt Vitagliano (single, RBI), Aubrey Pennington (single) and Matt Crockett (single, RBI).

For Belfast, Joel Berry (single, 3 RBIs), Prescott (single) and Greg Clark (double, single, RBI) led the offense.

In game two, Hart, Berry and Ben Rollins combined to allow nine hits and four walks, while striking out 10 on the mound for Rockport. Benner and Clark pitched for Belfast.

Leading Rockport at the dish were Drinkwater (2 singles), Crockett (single, RBI), John Hall (single, RBI), Hart (3 singles, RBI), Taylor Hall (2 singles, RBI), Berry (3 singles, three RBIs), Davee (single, RBI) and Pennington (single, RBI). Clark (single, double), Benner (2 singles, two RBIs), Prescott (home run, 2 RBIs), Larry Dyer (single, RBI) and Berry (single) led Belfast.

At Waldoboro June 27, Georges Valley put on an offensive onslaught against host Union and earned a 29-2 victory in five innings.

Scott Strong tossed a complete game on the hill for Georges Valley, allowing three hits and no walks, while striking out six. Ryan Quintal, Mike Kee, Hawke Cochran, Michael Canfield and Clarence Porter all pitched for Union, allowing a combined 18 hits and 18 walks, while striking out 10.

Top hitters for Georges Valley were Philip Atwood (double, 4 runs, 4 RBIs), Seth Batty (3 doubles, 3 singles, 3 runs, 5 RBIs), Dylan Maloney (grand slam, single, 2 runs, 5 RBIs), Walker Ranney (double, 2 singles, 3 runs, 2 RBIs), Ben Oakes-Boynton (3 singles, three runs, RBI), Scott Strong (2 singles, 3 runs, RBI), Ben Caron (double, 3 runs, 3 RBIs) and Jim Strong (single, two runs, two RBIs).

For Union, Kee (triple, run), Jacob York (single) and Dalton Reed (single) paced the offense.

At Waldoboro June 25, Rockport earned a mercy-rule victory over Union and prevailed 36-1.

Marshall Crockett, Jake Davee and Matt Crockett all pitched for Rockport, allowing a combined three hits and six walks, while striking out seven. Pitching information for Union was unavailable.

Leading Rockport at the dish were Sam Berry (2 doubles, 3 singles, 4 RBIs), Ben Rollins (4 singles, 5 RBIs), Connor Graffam (4 singles, 3 RBIs), Joe Chamberlain (2 doubles, single, 4 RBIs), Aubrey Pennington (2 singles, double, 4 RBIs), John Hall (4 singles, 5 RBIs), Matt Crockett (3 singles, 3 RBIs), Jake Davee (single, 2 doubles, 4 RBIs), Connor Hart (2 singles, 2 RBIs), Marshal Crockett (double, RBI) and Calan Bragg (single, RBI).

Clarence Porter (double), Ryan Quintel (single, RBI) and Reed (single) led the Union offense.

At Thomaston June 24, Rockland defeated Georges Valley 13-9 in a game that was called after six innings due to darkness.

Dylan Maloney, Jimmy Strong and Drew Townsend pitched for Georges Valley, allowing seven hits and eight walks, with nine strikeouts. Connor Clement went four innings for Rockland, allowing 10 hits and six walks, with five strikeouts. Nate Philbrook tossed two innings of no-hit ball in relief, walking two and fanning two.

Top hitters for Georges Valley were Dylan Maloney (two singles, run, RBI, two stolen bases), Seth Batty (single, triple, run, 2 RBIs, stolen base), Drew Townsend (single, run, RBI, 2 stolen bases), Walker Ranney (single, run, RBI, stolen base), Ben Oakes-Boynton (single), Eli Thorbjornson (single, run, RBI, 2 stolen bases), Ben Caron (single, run, stolen base) and Scott Strong (single, run, 2 RBIs).

For Rockland, Trevor Bates (single, run, RBI), Jordan Carter (double, triple, 3 runs, RBI), Mazlin Higbee (single, RBI), Clement (single, 3 runs), Ian Foss (single, run, 2 RBIs, stolen base) and McCabe Burch (single, run, RBI, stolen base) led the offense.

At Rockport June 24, Belfast defeated Camden by an 8-4 score.

Top hitters for Belfast were Gabe Desjardins (2 singles), J. Berry (2 singles), Sam Kulikowski (2 singles), L. Dyer (single), Zach Roman (single) and M. Smith (single).

For Camden, Carlsen (single), Sean Pierce (double, 2 singles, RBI), Caleb McFarland (single, RBI), Cailean Schecter (single, 2 RBIs), Elazar Allwine (single), Justin Stearns (single) and Aaron Beal (single) led the offense.

Dyer allowed nine hits and two walks, while striking out seven on the mound for Belfast. McFarland pitched for Camden, allowing nine hits and two walks, while striking out six.

At Belfast June 20, Belfast earned an 8-4 victory over visiting Rockland.

Top hitters for Belfast were Greg Clark (2 singles, 2 runs), Sam Kulikowski (single, run), Damion Benner (double, single, 2 runs), S. Paul (2 singles, run), J. Berry (single, run), L. Dyer (3 singles, run), T. Prescott (single) and M. Smith (single).

For Rockland, Dan Hendricks (double), Justin Snow (2 singles, run), Trevor Bates (single, run), J.T. Tobin (double) and J. Foss (double) led the offense.

Bates pitched for Rockland, allowing 13 hits and seven walks, with seven strikeouts. Prescott and Dyer pitched for Belfast, allowing a combined six hits and seven walks, with seven strikeouts.

At Searsport June 17, Camden earned a 10-2 victory over the hosts.

Top hitters for Camden were Carlsen (single), Alex Crans (double, single, 2 RBIs), Chandler Crans (single, run), Caleb MacFarland (single, 4 RBIs), Cailean Schecter (double, single, 2 RBIs), Grindle (three singles, RBI) and Justin Stearns (single).

For Searsport, Austin Bean (single) and Jake Powell (single) had the lone hits.

Carlsen and Chandler Crans pitched for Camden, allowing two hits and eight walks, while striking out 11. James Harvey and Theo LeBlanc pitched for Searsport, allowing a combined 11 hits and three walks, while striking out six.

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