Every year since 1985, Waldo County Healthcare Inc. has recognized its employees who are celebrating a fifth anniversary of employment. Honored at a luncheon held at Penobscot Shores recently were 26 employees with five years of service, 20 with 10 years; eight with 15 years, nine with 20 years, three with 25 years, five with 30 years and one with 35 years of service. Also invited to the luncheon were employees not celebrating a fifth anniversary, but with more than 20 years of service, with 51 employees fitting into that category.

Kathie Boogaart, MS, RN, director of patient care services at Waldo County General Hospital, related how when she was hired in November 1989, she was approached by an elderly man who told her not to buy a house in the area because she wouldn’t have her new job that long. At the luncheon, Boogaart was recognized for her 20 years of service in that position.