A man charged with killing his wife in their Brooks home last week appeared in Fifth District Court July 1 for a hearing on whether he would be held without bail until a grand jury decided whether to indict him.

At the Harnish hearing, Justice Jeffrey Hjelm decided that Michael L. Littlefield, 48, would be held without bail at Kennebec County Jail. Littlefield is charged with the shooting death of his 49-year-old wife, Debbie Littlefield. According to police, Littlefield shot his wife June 25 after the couple argued over a muffler he purchased for his truck.

There to represent the state at the hearing was Assistant Attorney General Leane Zainea, who accepted Hjelm’s decision. Littlefield’s attorney, Richard Hartley, requested that the Harnish bail hearing be postponed indefinitely in order for everyone involved to learn more about the case.

Hartley said he would use the coming days and weeks to meet with Littlefield, his family and others who might have information that would be relevant to present to the court “if and when” Hartley requests another bail hearing.

Littlefield, who entered the courthouse with his hands covering his face, was described by Hartley as “subdued.”

“I look forward to learning more about him and getting to know him a little better as I find out about the case,” said Hartley, who became involved in the case two days prior to the July 1 hearing.

Littlefield is scheduled to appear in court again in August, when a grand jury will decide whether there is enough evidence to indict him.