The following deed transfers were recorded at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds from June 24 through July 2:


Unity Property Management to Habitat for Humanity of Waldo County Inc.

Kent W. Tarpley and Laura J. Tarpley to Laurie L. Allen

Johnny W. Parsons and Carla Parsons to David P. Lawrence and Sally F. Lawrence

Debora Waring to Henry J. Veilleux and Kathleen P. Veilleux

Patterson Hill Land Trust to Tamara J. McElroy


Kyle D. Mitchell to Kyle D. Mitchell and Rebecca L. Raymond

Kyle R. Gibbs and Kathryn A. Gibbs to Kevin J. Howard and Gloria J. Howard


Patricia M. Derian to Patricia M. Derian Restated Revocable Trust Agreement


Christopher R. Chatfield to Patricia A. Chatfield

Janet E. Babine Est. to Stephen E. Babine


Town of Lincolnville to Richard Rosenberg

Terrie L. Kelly and Terrie U. Laite to John M. Kelly and Terrie L. Kelly

Leigh H. Morrill and Sharon G. Morrill to Adam S. Rawn


William B. Sayre and Bill Sayre to Sheepscot Wellspring Land Alliance Inc.


Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company National Association TR to Leon M. Annis


James Nealey and Babette H. Nealey to James Nealy and Babette H. Nealey


Avery Glidden to Michael D. Falla and Karen A, Falla


Joanne L. McKinley and Roger C. McKinley to Christopher Guptill and Sarah Marriner

Carole E. Young to Peter G. Brierley and Maureen C. Brierley


David W. St. Clair and Sandra L. St. Clair to Fred R. Whaley Jr. and Mary Ann Valaitis Whaley

Stockton Springs

Bruce R. Holden and Betty S. Holden to Donald A. Herrick and Darlene D. Herrick

Norma Magoon Hardison to William M. Mercier and Laurie Mercier


HSBC Mortgage Corporation USA, David K. Oliver and Aisa D. Oliver to Federal National Mortgage Association

Arlene E. Overlock Est. to William E. Raven and Juanita R. Raven


Clifford L. Harvey, Chreyl D. Harvey and Cheryl D. Harvey to Joseph E. Bourque

Barbara Maykis, Frank Maykis, Christopher Maykis, Joseph Maykis and Robert Maykis to Eric Dattilio


George Albert Harnish and Rita Harnish to Shawn A. Harnish


Robert P. Downie Sr. and Christine B. Downie to Dustin A. Ward

Thomas P. Hineman and Darlene J. Hineman to Mark A. Huard and Kimble A. Hardy