An armed man shot and killed by law enforcement officers shortly after 9 a.m. Thursday, July 8, near the Route 17 gate to the Togus Veterans Affairs Medical Center was identified as James F. Popkowski, 37.

Shortly before 4 p.m., Kate Simmons, spokeswoman for Attorney General Janet Mills, released a statement identifying the dead man. Simmons said “deadly force against Popkowski” was used by Togus police officer Thomas Park and Sgt. Ron Dunham of the Maine Warden Service.

Simmons said Warden Joey Lefebvre witnessed the confrontation but did not use deadly force.

After an autopsy Friday, Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Peggy Greenwald released a statement saying Popkowski died from a single gunshot wound to the neck.

Popkowski’s identity was confirmed Thursday afternoon at the Medical Examiner’s Office. Simmons said Popkowski was a military veteran.

About 1 p.m. Thursday, Attorney General Mills met with reporters across Route 17 from the site of the shooting.

Popkowski reportedly came out of the woods at the edge of Togus property and brandished a rifle at the law enforcement officers. He was reportedly ordered to drop his gun, but did not do so and then he was struck.

“There’s evidence he pulled a gun,” said Mills. “It was our information he was carrying a gun in a threatening manner.”

The Attorney General’s Office will rule on whether the shooting was justified.

Mills said the fatal shooting occurred just inside Togus property and just off Route 17. She said the wooded area is under both state and federal jurisdiction.

Shortly before the fatal shooting, shots were heard being fired near the Togus hospital. “We understand that shots were fired a few minutes earlier,” Mills said. “We believe they were near the facility but no one was injured.”

Because of the shots, the Togus hospital was put on lockdown status.

Maine State Police officers in full armor combed the woods to be sure there were no more people involved in the incident. “You have to rule out safety issues,” said Mills.

Maine Warden Service Col. Joel Wilkinson said the Maine Warden Service is fully cooperating with the investigation being conducted by the Office of the Maine Attorney General.

“Any loss of life is a tragedy; however I am relieved that no law enforcement officer was injured or killed during this confrontation,” Wilkinson said in a press release Thursday afternoon from Deborah Turcotte, spokeswoman for the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

According to the release, Sgt. Dunham and Warden Lefebvre have been placed on administrative leave with pay in accordance with Maine Warden Service policies. An independent, internal review of the incident will take place.