The last two days saw a bundle of District 2 Little League baseball and softball all-star tournament games played around the Midcoast with mixed results for local squads.

On July 7, the Waldo County 11-year-old baseball squad beat Waldoboro 16-2 to finish pool play 4-0 and the number one seed heading into the upcoming double-elimination tourney.

Also July 7, the Knox Suburban 9- and 10-year-old baseball team beat Lincoln County 19-1, the Camden-Rockport 11- and 12-year-old softball squad nipped Rockland 9-8 and the Waldoboro 11-12 softball team lost to Lincoln County 26-4.

On July 6, the Rockland 11-12 softball team beat Waldoboro 19-2, the Camden-Rockport 11-12 softball squad lost to Lincoln County 21-11, the Rockland 11-12 baseball squad beat Belfast 11-0 and the Belfast 9-10 baseball squad beat Lincoln County 20-0.

On July 7 in Waldo, the Waldo County 11s baseball team beat Waldoboro 16-2. Alex McKenney, Brandon Smith and Eric Phillips shared the mound for Waldo County and combined to allow two hits and three walks, with 10 strikeouts.

Richie Sproul, Nicholas Glover, Channing Soper and Brett Collamore pitched for Waldoboro and, combined, gave up 13 hits and eight walks, with 10 strikeouts.

Anthony Fuller led Waldo County’s offense with a triple, single, two RBIs and two runs. Also for Waldo, McKenney (2 singles, 2 runs), Smith (2 singles, 3 runs, 2 RBIs), Emmett Shell (2 singles, run), Phillips (double, 2 runs, 2 RBIs), Kyle Moore (single, run, RBI), Colby Trask (single, run, 2 RBIs), Kevin Richards (single, run, 2 RBIs), Alex Runci (single), Barrett grant (run), Matt Barlow (run) and Mitchell Philbrook (run) were key contributors.

Tucker Prescott belted a home run to plate Christian Hawk to cap Waldoboro’s scoring. Adam Eustler also had a single for Waldoboro.

On July 7 in Rockand, the Camden-Rockport 11-12 softball squad beat Rockland 9-8. Julianna Haynes pitched for six innings, while Maddie Bowman faced the final batter for CR. Combined, the teammates gave up a hit and 10 walks, with a strikeout. Jenny Carter and Ari Curtis pitched for Rockland and allowed 10 walks, with three strikeouts.

For C-R, Haynes (run), Macy Buck (single, double, 2 runs), Alie MacDonald (double, run), Chy Hersey (3 singles, run), Bowman (single, 3 runs), Abby Matlack (2 singles) and Ginny Laurita (single) contributed. Laurita also had a suicide squeeze bunt to produce the game-winning run.

For Rockland, Ashley Gardiner, Curtis, Krisandra McNichol, Sarah Penney, Abigail Lacasse, Rebecca Boggs, Ireland LeBlanc and Carter scored. A list of hitters for Rockland was unavailable.

On July 7 in Nobleboro, the Knox Suburban 9-10 baseball team beat Lincoln County 19-1. Will Davee and Korbin Daniels pitched for Knox Suburban and allowed a combined five walks, with seven strikeouts. Nathan Simmons, Chris Sullivan and Teddy Matel pitched for Lincoln County and gave up 12 hits and eight walks, with seven strikeouts.

For Knox Suburban, Mitchell Delfrate (2 doubles, triple, single 4 runs), Jack Moody (3 singles, 3 runs), Uriah Thongsopaaphone (2 singles, triple, run), Davee (2 walks, double, single, 3 runs), Daniels (walk, run), Sam Townsend (single, double, run), Issac Keiran (single, 3 walks, 4 runs) and Zach Cody (2 walks, single, 2 runs) contributed offensively.

For Lincoln County, Matel reached base with a walk and scored the only run. Simmons also had a single and a walk.

On July 7 in Rockland, the Waldoboro 11-12 softball team lost to Lincoln County 26-4. Courtney Simmons started pitching for Waldoboro and gave up 16 hits and five walks. Megan Sykes finished throwing and allowed 14 hits. Lauren Hunt pitched for Lincoln County and allowed 17 hits, with three walks and a strikeout.

For Waldoboro Vanessa Rancourt (run), Olivia Wheeler (run) and Sykes (2 runs) contributed offensively. Other statistics from the game were unavailable.

On July 6 in Belfast, the Rockland 11-12 baseball team beat Belfast 11-0. Keenan Kendricks and Jacob Bartlett pitched for Rockland and, combined, gave up three hits and a walk, with nine strikeouts. Sam Kulikowski, Ethan Merry and Zach Darres shared the mound for Belfast and allowed nine hits and five walks, with eight strikeouts.

For Rockland, Zach Roman (double, single, run), Zach Peaco (single, run), Nick Mazurek (single, 2 RBIs, run), Kendricks (single, RBI, run), Noah Slivinsky (single, 2 runs), Bartlett (run), Christian Straka (double, RBI), Zeke Hamlin (single, RBI, 2 runs), Thomas Curtis (double, RBI, run) and Jordan Matero (RBI, run) contributed.

Drew Nealey and Soren Moesswilde each singled for Belfast.

On July 6 in Nobleboro, the Rockland 11-12 softball team beat Waldoboro 19-2. Ashley Gardiner and Ari Curtis pitched for Rockland and, combined, gave up 14 hits and two walks, with a strikeout. Kasandra Mank, Stephanie Hill and Courtney Simmons pitched for Waldoboro and gave up 16 hits, nine walks and a strikeout.

For Rockland, Brianna Dugan (3 runs), Megan McGonagle (2 run), Gardiner (2 runs), Ireland LeBlanc (run), Curtis (2 runs), Krisandra McNichol (2 runs), Sarah Penney (2 runs), Abigail Lacasse (2 runs), Brittany Rytky (run), Tracy Webster (run) and Emma Provost (run) contributed.

Hill and Mank each had a single and run for Waldoboro.

On July 6 in Nobleboro, the Lincoln County 11-12 softball squad beat Camden-Rockport 21-11. Macy Buck and Julianna Haynes pitched for C-R and combined to allow 12 walks and 15 hits. For Lincoln County, Danielle Pinkham gave up seven hits and eight walks, with four strikeouts.

For C-R, Haynes (run), Alie MacDonald (triple, double, 3 runs), Chyanna Hersey (triple, single, 2 runs), Madoline Bowman (2 runs), Alice Podosky (run), Hillary Merrifield (single, double, 2 runs), Madeline Karod (double) and Ginny Laurita (single) contributed offensively.

For Lincoln County, Brie Wajer (double, 2 runs), Sophie Schumacher (2 runs), Chloe Hallowell (3 runs), Pinkham (4 runs), Olivia York (2 runs), Christine Hilton (run), Natalie Whitney (run), Margaret Skiff (run), Alyx York (run), Lindsay Brackett (2 runs), Kate Laemmle (run), Logan Molt (run) contributed. HIt totals were unavailable.

Overall results/standings (as of July 7)

11- and 12-year-old baseball: Rockland 4-0, Camden-Rockport 3-0, Belfast 3-2, Lincoln County 3-2, Waldo County 2-2, Waldoboro 0-4 and Knox Suburban 0-4.

Rockland 11, Belfast 0; Camden-Rockport 9, Waldoboro 0; Waldo County 5, Belfast 3; Lincoln Academy 9, Knox Suburban 8; Belfast 6, Knox Suburban 4; Waldo County 14, Waldoboro 4; Camden-Rockport 11, Belfast 1; Rockland 11, Knox Suburban 1; Rockland 8, Waldoboro 0; Camden-Rockport 4, Lincoln County 2; Camden-Rockport 9, Knox Suburban 3; Belfast 7, Lincoln County 2; Lincoln County 8, Waldoboro 4; Lincoln County 2, Waldo County 1; and Rockland 9, Waldo County 0.

11-year-old baseball: Waldo County 4-0, Knox Suburban 1-2 and Waldoboro 0-3.

Waldo County 16, Waldoboro 2; Waldo County 8, Knox Suburban 1; Waldo County 12, Knox Suburban 2; Waldo County 13, Waldoboro 3; and Knox Suburban 10, Waldoboro 3.

9- and 10-year-old baseball: Belfast 5-0, Camden-Rockport 3-2, Waldo County 3-2, Knox Suburban 2-2, Lincoln County 2-3 and Waldoboro 0-4.

Knox Suburban 19, Lincoln County 1; Belfast 20, Lincoln County 0; Waldo County 9, Camden-Rockport 8; Belfast 14, Knox Suburban 4; Rockland 8, Waldo County 1; Waldo County 13, Knox Suburban 3; Camden-Rockport 10, Lincoln County 3; Camden-Rockport 20, Waldoboro 6; Belfast 13, Rockland 3; Belfast 15, Waldoboro 6; Camden-Rockport 14, Rockland 13; Belfast 4, Waldo County 0; Lincoln County 11, Waldoboro 8; Lincoln County 12, Rockland 8; Knox Suburban 16, Camden-Rockport 3; and Waldo County 20, Waldoboro 0.

11- and 12-year-old softball: Lincoln County 5-0, Rockland 3-2, Camden-Rockport 2-3 and Waldoboro 0-5.

Lincoln County 26, Waldoboro 4; Camden-Rockport 9, Rockland 8; Rockland 19, Waldoboro 2; Lincoln County 21, Camden-Rockport 11; Camden-Rockport 14, Waldoboro 0; Lincoln County 11, Rockland 10: Rockland 15, Camden-Rockport 5; Lincoln County 12, Camden-Rockport 1; Lincoln County 14, Waldoboro 1; and Rockland won by forfeit over Waldoboro.

9- and 10-year-old softball: Rockland 3-0, Camden-Rockport 1-1 and Waldoboro 0-2.

Rockland 12, Waldoboro 2; Camden-Rockport 13, Waldoboro 12; Rockland 11, Waldoboro 7; and Rockland 6, Camden-Rockport 5.

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