July 8 saw a handful of Little League all-star baseball and softball games as the District 2 tournament continued around the Midcoast. The two-week tourney concludes this weekend before each age division turns to a double-elimination format for the top squads.

From July 8 play, the Rockland 9- and 10-year-old softball team beat Camden Rockport 12-6, the Lincoln County 11- and 12-year-old softball squad bested Rockland 9-8, Camden-Rockport’s 11-12 softball team defeated Waldoboro 11-8, Waldo County’s 11-12 baseball team downed Knox Suburban 10-0 and Rockland’s 9-10 baseball team beat Waldoboro 15-0.


At Waldoboro, the Camden-Rockport 11-12s beat Waldoboro 11-8. Kaia Allwine, Hillary Merrifield and Macy Buck pitched for the winners and allowed 12 walks, with six strikeouts. Courtney Simmons pitched for Waldoboro and gave up four walks and recorded two strikeouts.

For C-R, Julianna Haynes (2 doubles, 2 runs), Buck (single, double, 2 runs), Alie MacDonald (single, run), Chyanna Hersey (run), Madoline Bowman (single, run), Merrifield (single, double, run), Allwine (run), Madeline Karod (run) and Ginny Laurita (run, bunt) contributed.

For Waldoboro, Vanessa Rancourt (run), Olivia Wheeler (run), Katie Goldrup (2 runs), Sarah Harvey (2 runs) and Stephanie Hill (2 runs) were leaders. Hit totals were unavailable.

At Rockport, the Rockland 9-10 softball team beat Camden-Rockport 12-6. Gilleyanne Davis-Oakes pitched for Rockland and gave up seven hits. Emily Long pitched for C-R and allowed 13 hits and four walks.

For Rockland, Kimberly Roman (2 hits, 4 runs), Nina Lavigne (2 hits, run), Alexis Mazurek (3 hits, 3 runs), Hailey Gross (3 hits, 3 runs), Davis-Oakes (3 hits) and Shannon Ripley (run) contributed offensively.

For C-R, Audrey Clement (2 hits, run), Claire Pierce (2 hits), Sam Leighton (hit, run), Emily Long (run), Megan Gordon (hit, run), Sarah Contento (hit, run) and Amelia Tausek (run) pitched in offensively.

At Waldoboro, the Lincoln County’s 11-12s beat Rockland 9-8. Ari Curtis and Ashley Gardner pitched for Rockland and allowed a combined nine hits and five walks, with six strikeouts. Chloe Hallowell and Danielle Pinkham pitched for Lincoln County and gave up 11 hits and three walks, with two strikeouts.

For Rockland, Krisandra McNichol (3 singles, RBI, 2 runs), Curtis (2 singles, 2 RBI, run), Gardner (2 singles, 2 runs), Brianna Dugan (2 singles, 2 RBIs, run), Sarah Penney (single, RBI), Abigail Lacasse (2 singles), Tracy Webster (single) and Emma Provost (single) contributed.

Margaret Skiff (double, 2 singles, 3 runs), Sophie Schumakher (single, run) and Hallowell (single, run) keyed Lincoln County.


At Rockland, the Waldo County 11-12s beat Knox Suburban 10-0 in a five-inning game. Anthony Defeo pitched for Waldo and gave up three hits, two walks and hit a batter, with six strikeouts. Nathan Pascal and Jared Gilbert pitched for Knox Suburban and combined to allow seven hits and two walks, with two strikeouts.

For Waldo County, Jake Black (single, 2 runs), Troy Reynolds (run), Nathan Wren (2 doubles, 2 runs), Alex Canning (single, run), Defeo (home run), Tommy Farrar (single, run), Justin Lizotte (double, run) and Avery Leclerc (run) contributed offensively.

Gilbert, Andrew King and Cam Lafleche each had a single for Knox Suburban.

At Rockland, the Rockland 9-10s beat Waldoboro 15-0. Hunter Davis and Conner Harvey pitched for Rockland and gave up two hits and a walk, with seven strikeouts. Duncan Morrell and Tyler Simmons pitched for Waldoboro and allowed 13 hits and six walks, with two strikeouts.

Jack Wadsworth (double, 2 runs), Bennett Penney (single), Harvey (single, run), Michael Norton (2 singles, run), Jack Freeman (2 single, 2 runs), Logan Sheridan (triple, run), Davis (single, 3 runs), Trevor Carty (single, run), Kirt Ilvonen (2 singles, run), Josh Peaco (single, run), Michael Dougherty (run) and Eric Glaser (run) contributed offensively for Rockland.

For Waldoboro, Morrell and Simmons each had a single.

At Nobleboro July 7, the Waldoboro 11-12s lost to Lincoln County 8-4. Oliver Brown and Bryce Collamore pitched for Waldoboro and gave up nine hits and four walks, with seven strikeouts. Noah Dawson, Gregory Anderson, Nick Morton, and Matthew Thomasello pitched for Lincoln County and allowed eight hits and walks, with eight strikeouts.

For Waldoboro, Nick DePatsy (run), Brown (2 singles, double, 2 runs), Collamore (single, double, run), David Herron (single), Maty Moore (triple) and Tyler Emmerson (single) contributed offensively.

Colton Spear (single, double, triple, home run), Noah Dawson (triple, single, run), Nick Morton (home run), Jake Stevens (single), Thomasello (run), Cole Leeman (run), Marshall Dodge (run),and Kaler (run) helped Lincoln County win the game.

Overall results/standings (as of July 8)

11- and 12-year-old baseball: Rockland 4-0, Camden-Rockport 3-0, Belfast 3-2, Lincoln County 3-2, Waldo County 3-2, Waldoboro 0-4 and Knox Suburban 0-5.

Waldo County 10, Knox Suburban 0; Rockland 11, Belfast 0; Camden-Rockport 9, Waldoboro 0; Waldo County 5, Belfast 3; Lincoln Academy 9, Knox Suburban 8; Belfast 6, Knox Suburban 4; Waldo County 14, Waldoboro 4; Camden-Rockport 11, Belfast 1; Rockland 11, Knox Suburban 1; Rockland 8, Waldoboro 0; Camden-Rockport 4, Lincoln County 2; Camden-Rockport 9, Knox Suburban 3; Belfast 7, Lincoln County 2; Lincoln County 8, Waldoboro 4; Lincoln County 2, Waldo County 1; and Rockland 9, Waldo County 0.

11-year-old baseball: Waldo County 4-0, Knox Suburban 1-2 and Waldoboro 0-3.

Waldo County 16, Waldoboro 2; Waldo County 8, Knox Suburban 1; Waldo County 12, Knox Suburban 2; Waldo County 13, Waldoboro 3; and Knox Suburban 10, Waldoboro 3.

9- and 10-year-old baseball: Belfast 5-0, Camden-Rockport 3-2, Waldo County 3-2, Knox Suburban 2-2, Rockand 2-3, Lincoln County 2-3 and Waldoboro 0-5.

Rockland 15, Waldoboro 0; Knox Suburban 19, Lincoln County 1; Belfast 20, Lincoln County 0; Waldo County 9, Camden-Rockport 8; Belfast 14, Knox Suburban 4; Rockland 8, Waldo County 1; Waldo County 13, Knox Suburban 3; Camden-Rockport 10, Lincoln County 3; Camden-Rockport 20, Waldoboro 6; Belfast 13, Rockland 3; Belfast 15, Waldoboro 6; Camden-Rockport 14, Rockland 13; Belfast 4, Waldo County 0; Lincoln County 11, Waldoboro 8; Lincoln County 12, Rockland 8; Knox Suburban 16, Camden-Rockport 3; and Waldo County 20, Waldoboro 0.

11- and 12-year-old softball: Lincoln County 6-0, Rockland 3-3, Camden-Rockport 3-3 and Waldoboro 0-6.

Camden-Rockport 11, Waldoboro 8; Lincoln County 9, Rockland 8; Lincoln County 26, Waldoboro 4; Camden-Rockport 9, Rockland 8; Rockland 19, Waldoboro 2; Lincoln County 21, Camden-Rockport 11; Camden-Rockport 14, Waldoboro 0; Lincoln County 11, Rockland 10: Rockland 15, Camden-Rockport 5; Lincoln County 12, Camden-Rockport 1; Lincoln County 14, Waldoboro 1; and Rockland won by forfeit over Waldoboro.

9- and 10-year-old softball: Rockland 4-0, Camden-Rockport 1-2 and Waldoboro 0-3.

Rockland 12, Camden-Rockport 6; Rockland 12, Waldoboro 2; Camden-Rockport 13, Waldoboro 12; Rockland 11, Waldoboro 7; and Rockland 6, Camden-Rockport 5.

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