“Working In Belfast” will be the topic at the Belfast Historical Society meeting at 7 p.m. Monday, July 26, at the Belfast Free Library’s Abbott Room.

The evening’s presentation will comprise several videos recorded in the early 1980s and mid-1990s depicting workers in the poultry, sardine and frozen potato products industries. Featured will be the film “Working Women of Waldo County,” produced by filmmakers Karen Saum and Elinor Goldberg in the early 1980s as a project for the Maine Humanities and Public Policy Office. At the time, women comprised 35 percent of the workforce, but received only 60 percent of the wages earned by men. The women who were interviewed at the sardine and poultry processing plants gave candid views about working and balancing their home life.

The other videos which will be shown are excerpted from the Maine Public Television series “Made In Maine,” hosted by Lou McNally. The segments include an in-depth look at Penobscot Frozen Foods, Harborside Graphics and the Stinson canning factory.

Program meetings are free and open to the public. For information about programs and membership, visit belfastmuseum.org.