Residents in Bass Harbor and campers at the Bass Harbor Campground turned out to cheer the first family as they emerged from their visit to the Bass Harbor lighthouse mid-afternoon on Saturday.

The Quiet Side was abuzz on Saturday afternoon as word spread that the Obamas had been at the Claremont Hotel in Southwest Harbor and were then touring the lighthouse and the Seawall Road area. From their luncheon at The Claremont Hotel, it was only a short drive farther south to the presidential family’s next stop at Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse.

From the White House: an update on the Obamas’ visit

“It looks splendid down there,” the president told U.S. Coast Guard Chief Tim Chase from the Southwest Harbor station as Chase led the family and the first dog, Bo, down to the lighthouse.

Several minutes later, the couple and their two girls could be seen standing on the lighthouse catwalk, from which they could look out over Blue Hill Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Below, two kayakers waved excitedly and called out to the family.

Before venturing up the lighthouse, the Obamas had strolled along a path that cuts through the rocky terrain along the water. It was there that the Obamas crossed paths with Michael Fournier, 27, and Matthew Duggan, 22, as well as Fournier’s dog, Natchez.

After Bo and Natchez amicably “aquainted themselves,” the two men talked for several minutes with the president, the first lady and Malia and Sasha. Both men said they were impressed by the entire family.

Fournier, who teaches on Swans Island, said Michelle Obama talked at length with him about his profession and even asked him to relay a personal message to his students: remember to eat their vegetables.

“Talking to Michelle Obama was like talking to a neighbor,” Fournier said afterward, still stuck on the trail amid the tight security.

“She was very, very well spoken,” added Duggan, who works in Acadia National Park.

Immediately after leaving Bass Harbor Head Light, the Obamas hiked down nearby Ship Harbor Trail.

Following their hike along the trail in Acadia, the Obamas returned to their hotel near downtown Bar Harbor until after 7 p.m.

The motorcade of security and support vehicles — including more than a half dozen black, heavily armored Chevy sport utility vehicles — then headed back out of the hotel parking lot bound for downtown Bar Harbor, where they were met with massive crowds lining the sidewalks.

The president and first lady ate at Havana on Main Street in Bar Harbor. This was the couple’s third time grabbing a bite to eat downtown since Friday, although this time Sasha and Malia did not eat with their parents.