An arrest or summons does not constitute a finding of guilt. An individual charged with a crime is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty at criminal proceedings.

The Belfast Police Department reported the following activity from July 13 through July 20:

July 2 (late entry)
Stephanie Stade, 27, of Farmingdale was summoned for criminal trespass on Northport Avenue.

July 4 (late report)
Two local women were uninjured after their cars collided in the Hannaford parking lot.

Elizabeth Dawson, 34, of Montville was backing out of a parking space in her 2003 Chevrolet SUV around 12:45 p.m. when she struck a 2001 two-door Hyundai driven by Gladys Gray, 67, of Northport. Dawson reportedly did not see Gray’s vehicle.

There was $2,500 in damage to the passenger side of Gray’s vehicle, and $500 damage to the rear passenger-side corner of Dawson’s vehicle.

Both women were wearing seat belts, according to the police report, and the ambulance was not called.

July 8 (late report)
Neither driver nor passenger was injured when the vehicle they were traveling in struck a deer along Route 1.

The collision occurred around 7:15 p.m., when Ginger M. Lane, 48, of Rockport was heading south on Route 1 in her 2000 Toyota van. A deer ran in front of the vehicle and was struck and killed.

The front end of Lane’s vehicle sustained $1,000 worth of damage, but neither Lane nor her 8-year-old passenger was injured. Both were wearing seat belts, according to the police report.

July 9 (late report)
One woman was taken to the hospital as a precaution after two vehicles collided at the intersection of Route 1 and Ryan Road.

The crash occurred shortly before 1 p.m. Megan M. Brannan, 30, of Rockland, was driving a state-owned four-door 2007 Ford and had stopped to make a left turn off of Route 1 onto Ryan Road.

Traveling behind Brannan’s vehicle was 82-year-old Florence B. Heath of Stockton Springs in a 1996 Oldsmobile four-door, who ended up running into the back of Brannan’s vehicle.

Heath said Brannan had stopped right in front of her, and that she had swerved right in an unsuccessful attempt to avoid hitting Brannan’s vehicle. Brannan, meanwhile, told police she had been “stopped in traffic with her left blinker on for a while” when Heath struck her.

Heath’s driver side window was broken in the crash, and she had minor cuts on her left arm as a result. The police report indicated she refused medical treatment. Brannan was uninjured, but her passenger — 44-year-old Christina Fish — complained of neck pain and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. All three women were reportedly wearing seat belts.

Damage to Heath’s vehicle was estimated at $2,000 to the front end, while the Ford Brannan was driving received an estimated $1,500 in damage to the rear passenger-side corner.

July 11 (late entry)
Naiome D. Krienke, 33, of Searsport was summoned for speeding 60 mph in a 45 mph zone on Back Searsport Road.

July 13
A 17-year-old male from Searsport was summoned for speeding 39 mph in a 25 mph zone on Main Street.

July 14
Ashley A. Rhodes, 21, of Liberty was summoned for speeding 39 mph in a 25 mph zone on Main Street.

Adeline G. Zagami, 50, of Lincolnville was summoned for speeding 39 mph in a 25 mph zone on Congress Street.

Daniel C. Randall, 29, of Liberty was summoned for speeding 54 mph in a 40 mph zone on Route 1.

July 15
Adam D. Ward, 28, of Searsport was summoned for speeding 60 mph in a 45 mph zone on Back Searsport Road.

July 17
Amber Saunders, 20, of Warren, was summoned for illegal possession of alcohol by a minor (by consumption) on Patterson Hill Road.

Christopher J. Shoudy, 44, of Rockport was summoned for failure to stop for a red light on Main Street.

Katherine Manchester, 23, of Lincolnville was arrested on a warrant charging her with unpaid fines and fees on previous charges of forgery and theft of lost, mislaid or misdelivered property.

July 18
Police are investigating a burglary and theft at a hot dog wagon in downtown Belfast. Detective Bryan Cunningham said the operator of the wagon found that it had been burglarized sometime prior to opening on the 18th. A cash register and money bag were taken. Cunningham said police had collected some evidence from the scene, and they believe they may be able to get some fingerprints and/or some DNA evidence as well. Anyone with information on the case is asked to contact the police department.

July 19
A bike that was reported stolen on the morning of July 19 was recovered after a 13-year-old boy told police he had taken it and showed them where he left it. Cunningham said the juvenile told police he had stolen one bike from the city skate park initially, then stolen a second bike — the one reported stolen — when he discovered it later. “He said he liked the second one better,” said Cunningham. That bike was recovered from behind the Belfast Co-op, Cunningham said.