A 39-year-old woman died the afternoon of July 31 after jumping into the old quarry on Mount Waldo.

Amy Willey of Bucksport was swimming at the quarry with a male friend, according to Lt. David Tripp of the Maine State Police.

Tripp said the friend had jumped from the top of the cliff, which is about 30 feet from the surface of the water, and was watching from the water when Willey made her jump.

“It looks like she jumped short or may have slipped,” said Tripp. “She may have struck her head before hitting the water.”

Other people nearby on all-terrain vehicles heard Willey’s friend hollering for help, Tripp said, and one of those people called 911 on a cell phone.

Local fire and ambulance personnel responded to the scene, and Maine State Trooper Luke Cunningham and others were taken to the scene — which Tripp described as “pretty remote” — on ATVs. Trooper Corey Smith also responded to the scene.

Tripp said it would be up the state Medical Examiner’s Office to determine whether an autopsy was conducted, but he said from a police perspective there was “nothing suspicious” about Willey’s death.

“From everything we have with this investigation, it appears that it was an accidental death,” he said.

According to an official at the Frankfort Town Office, four residents attended a selectmen’s meeting Aug. 2 to discuss their concerns about safety at the popular swimming hole. No action was taken by selectmen and, according to the town official, it is not on any upcoming agendas.