Sean Louis Eugene Meacham, 69, also of Culebra, Puerto Rico, and Saint Augustine, Fla., died July 30, 2010, at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Fla. His son, Rossi, brothers Thomas and Michael, and partner, Nancy Shaver, were with him. His long fight with cancer and complications was interspersed with many times of great joy and laughter with Nancy, family and friends, from one end of the country to the other.

Sean was born in Long Branch, N.J., in the spring of 1941, to  Thomas and Margaret Meacham, and went to Iona College in New York. While attending college he was also a brother in the Irish Christian Brothers.

From a monk of simplicity to a monk of finance, he soon had his own seat on the American Stock Exchange. But a cruise to the Bahamas brought about a sea (ex)change and he turned in his suits for a sail bag, and headed to the Caribbean, though not before he had hitchhiked around Europe, had a part in the movie “Battle of the Bulge,” and done a bit of modeling, along with a stint as an English teacher, not necessarily in that order.

In 1984, with his wife, Wendy, it was time to swap the sailboat for land in Northport. Living in a tiny cabin, Sean and Wendy built their home and brought up their son, Rossi, in the place they would summer for the next 20 years, while wintering in the waters off Culebra, Puerto Rico.

Sean was a captain and did many day charters in the Caribbean, along with carpentry, fine woodwork and his hobbies, such as crafting drinking vessels and lamps out of coconut shells and crafting birds, fish and whirligigs from palm fronds. He was a devoted yard-saler and always had a project in the works, combining his artistic talents and passion in the natural settings he lived in and loved so much, in both Maine and Culebra.

Wendy and Sean went separate ways while continuing to seasonally share their Maine home. Rossi shared both homes and parents as well, on land and sea, and of all of his accomplishments, Sean always considered Rossi the highest and the best.

Water in winter, wood in summer kept Sean lean, strong and quite handsome enough to be chosen as Paul Newman’s stand-in for the film ” Empire Falls,” shot in Maine in 2005, one of the exploits in which he took a huge amount of delight.

He was a skillful cook as well as a gardener, but his gardening forte was making scarecrows for the cooperative garden at Ocean Glimpse Farm in Northport,, owned by good friends David Foley and Judy Berk. It was graced yearly with Sean’s wildly unique scarecrows, clothed in anything from gold lame to football helmets.

On June 28, 2007, Sean met Nancy Shaver at a party at her Bayside cottage and a movie-worthy love affair began. That party and love continued through the next three years of sickness and health, with only the briefest of times apart.

Sean has, as Nancy says, gone on to his next adventure, leaving behind his five siblings: Peggy Smith and her husband, Karl, Thomas and his partner, Sue Ventura, Gene, Sheila Dunn and Mike and his wife, Val; a son, Rossi; and Nancy, who kept him with friends and family longer than ever expected with her love, laughter, care and her courage beyond all words.

He was predeceased by his parents.

A true character of the Caribbean, with the hardy soul of an adopted Mainer, Sean will be dearly missed by the family he was so close to and the multitude of friends old and new that he made everywhere he went. Fair winds and following seas, Captain Sean.

A memorial service will be held in Northport, Maine on September 5. The family asks that in his spirit, you reach out a hand to help someone in need with a gift of time or effort or a little financial help. If you are so moved, consider a contribution to the Good Samaritan Fund at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville.