An ammonia leak at the Penobscot McCrum cold storage facility in downtown Belfast Aug. 10 was quickly resolved, according to Fire Chief James Richards.

The leak, which briefly produced a strong odor in the vicinity of the Cross Street building, occurred around 4:30 p.m. on August 10.

“Something just let go inside the ammonia line,” Richards said. “It started putting some out of the windows of the storage building.”

Richards said a maintenance worker on site was able to shut off a valve in the ammonia line, stemming the gas leak.

“All we did was stand by in case we were needed,” Richards said.

Ammonia gas is widely used as a refrigerant in industrial cold storage facilities. The naturally occuring compound is poisonous and explosive at high concentration levels.

Richards said he received several complaints about the odor, which lingered on Lower Main Street for a short time after the incident, but said he was unaware of any serious issues related to the leak.