On August 16, the Belfast Street Party tries again to make a Monday night memorable. The first iteration of the willfully off-weekend event, held last August, was by any measure a success as hundreds of people poured into downtown Belfast for the amusements, food and musical acts.

According to City Councilor and Colonial Theater owner Mike Hurley, who has been involved in organizing the Street Party both years, the 2010 line-up features many of the crowd pleasers from last year and several notable additions.

The climbing wall that was the centerpiece of last year’s event will be back, Hurley said. There will also be a dunk tank, in which at least two city officials have agreed to take a turn, a velcro wall and accompanying jumpsuit — think David Letterman, circa 1984 — a balloon artist, a fortune teller and something called the “Rat Race,” which Hurley described as a giant, inflated obstacle course in the shape of a figure eight for children. “And it’s got a big inflatable rat on top, so it’s just kind of surreal,” he said.

The idea behind the amusements, carried over from last year, was to have things that would be fun to do but also fun to watch, he said.

There will be more musical acts this year. Funk band Sistalicious returns, joined by the Willy Kelly Band, and local guitar ace Joel Watson’s band The 220’s.

In addressing the City Council’s concerns about parking for the festival last month, Hurley urged calm, saying that people would find places to park without an official parking detail. But with regard to toilets and seating this year, he’s not leaving it up to the fates.

The theme for this year’s party is “Bring a Chair,” meaning attendants should bring their own. “A lot of people want to visit with each other, so we’re hoping people come and spend the whole afternoon and evening, not standing around like ‘Geez, where are we going to sit?'”

And should they bring their chairs home afterward?

“Yes,” Hurley said.

There will also be portable toilets — a convenience conspicuously absent from last year’s party, where there were reports of long lines outside the bathrooms of nearby businesses.

Last year Hurley and a few others organized the street party. But this year, he said, much of the work was done by Our Town Belfast, formerly the Belfast Downtown Business Group.

Looking ahead to future years, Hurley said he hopes to see other groups — he mentioned the YMCA, the city’s Parks Department and the Lions Club by way of example — adding their own family friendly events to the party.

Last year’s street party brought out “a couple thousand people,” by Hurley’s own rough estimate. Considering this year’s event, he raised his arms into the air, half shrug, half touchdown signal, and appeared to be momentarily, uncharacteristically, at a loss for words.

“It’s gonna be big,” he said.

The Street Party comes to downtown Belfast, Aug. 16, from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m., on High Street between Main and Market Streets. The rain date is the following Monday, Aug. 23.