A 1-year-old child was uninjured Thursday afternoon, Aug. 12 when the stroller he was sitting in was struck by a car that had jumped the curb on Main Street.

Police said the car, a 2001 Nissan sedan, had been parked in front of the Army-Navy store and All About Games on Lower Main Street.

Shortly before 2:30 p.m., the driver of the car — 51-year-old George P. Sewell of Belfast — apparently attempted to back out of the parking space, but mistakenly had the car in drive instead of reverse. Sewell was driving a car with Florida plates that belongs to relatives, police said.

The car lurched forward, toward a bench where Alexandria L. Payard, 42, of New York was sitting. Payard had her 1-year-old son in a stroller, which was struck and damaged by the car.

Police, fire and ambulance personnel responded quickly to the scene, as initial reports suggested that multiple people might have been injured. That proved not to be the case, though, and a request for additional emergency personnel from Searsport was canceled.

Lower Main Street was closed to vehicular traffic following the incident, but the scene drew considerable foot traffic as people looked at the car up against the building.

After being tended to by Belfast ambulance personnel, the young child was returned to his mother.

Officer Wendall Ward, the primary investigating officer, said at the scene that the incident had “scared the hell” out of everyone involved.

Aug. 13, Police Chief Jeff Trafton confirmed that the child was uninjured in the incident. He also said Sewell did not appear to be suffering from any medical condition at the time of the incident, and that there was no vehicle malfunction involved, either.

Trafton said the incident was found to be accidental, and that no charges will be filed.