The Maine Renewable Energy Association announced Aug. 13 that it has launched the first and only online resource for wind power information in Maine —

According to a press release from MREA, the site is a clearinghouse for information about wind power in Maine, with resources provided to those interested in the development of the industry.

The site is reportedly coordinated by MREA, with collaboration and input from individuals and organizations focused on economic development, environmental sustainability, public health and community advancement.

“We’re excited to launch this Web site in order to provide the people of Maine with credible, current and detailed information on wind power in Maine,” said MREA Executive Director Jeremy Payne. “This is truly the first and only information resource where visitors will find updated information on the industry, studies, media stories and additional educational materials.

In the press release, Payne said, “We believe wind power — and all renewable energy — provides critical environmental attributes through greenhouse gas reductions and emissions benefits, and significant economic benefits seen through approximately $750 million of capital investment to date. Wind is part of the answer for Maine moving itself away from its overreliance on fossil fuels, and towards a truly sustainable, secure energy future.”

The press release claimed Maine’s wind industry had generated thousands of jobs and brought $283 million to Maine in wages, taxes and land conservation programs, as well as provided support for infrastructure including ports, engineering and environmental firms, and transportation companies.

“Reed & Reed is just one of many companies that has greatly benefited from the development of wind energy in Maine. We’re pleased to continue to partner with companies in Maine and beyond — as we’ve said all along, our company is living proof that this industry does bring real and long-lasting economic benefits to Maine people,” said Jack Parker, CEO of Reed & Reed.

The Maine Renewable Energy Association is a not-for-profit association of renewable power producers, suppliers of goods and services to those producers, and supporters of the renewable power industry in Maine. MREA members generate electricity in a sustainable manner from hydro, biomass, wind, tidal, and waste to energy. Located in Augusta, MREA represents the renewable power industry at the state Legislature and Maine Public Utilities Commission.