Susan Merrow, second from left, shows one of 18 photos she took of workers in the Stinson Seafood Cannery in 1990 while a resident at the Maine Photographic Workshops. Merrow visited the cannery multiple times over a period of three weeks, documenting the since-abandoned factory.

On Aug. 17, she presented the series of silver gelatin prints to Belfast Historical Society representatives Megan Pinette, right, and George Squibb, second from right. With Merrow is her husband, independent gubernatorial candidate Kevin Scott, left.

The sardine cannery operated for nearly 100 years at the waterfront factory. The last owner, Stinson Seafood Co., closed the doors in 2001. In the years since, the property has been the object of several ambitious redevelopment plans that would have included residential space, retail, offices and a marina. To date, none has materialized and the buildings of the former cannery have remained abandoned and in disrepair, prompting the city to recently take legal action against the property owner.

The two lawsuits are currently awaiting their day in court, according to City Attorney William Kelly.

Kelly said the first suit, which seeks the demolition of the derelict building at the north end of the property, is scheduled for a hearing on Sept. 10. A second suit that aims to clarify the contract rezoning agreement between the city and the developer could be in the discovery phase for months, Kelly said.

Asked how the lawsuits would affect any potential development of the property, Kelly said the knowledge that the contract between the city and the property owner is unenforceable might discourage a would-be developer of the property, especially one considering a similar project to the one approved in the contract rezoning agreement, which included condominiums, retail, offices and a marina.