Susan Hall has a taste for adventure. Many years ago, she taught in a two-room school on a tiny island off the coast of Newfoundland. Most of the parents of her students were unable to read, and when she took the class on a field trip to Newfoundland, the children asked, “What’s the yellow line for?” They had never seen a two-lane road.

Now, after a lifetime as a teacher and trainer of teachers, the Connecticut resident has taken on the job of director of religious education at the First Church in Belfast, UCC. She and her husband, George, a retired corrections officer who grew up in Maine, are staying at a camp that belongs to George’s family in Dedham, and have a rental in Northport lined up starting in the fall, when they will officially move here from Connecticut.

Susan Hall said she had “always wanted to live in Maine,” and when she saw the job advertised, she liked the idea of doing something new that built on her previous experience. She grew up in the UCC church, and has been on “a ton of [church] committees,” she said, as well as singing in choirs, teaching Sunday School and serving as clerk. She said she wanted to use her background in education in a church setting.

She also said the fact that the church is Open and Affirming, as well as the opportunity to work with the pastors, the Rev. Joel Krueger and the Rev. Kate Winters, had drawn her to the job.

Hall, who started her new position July 1, said Sunday School registration starts Sept. 12, and she plans to start new programs for middle and high school-age youth that will combine service and education. She also hopes to have a day-trip for youth at the end of the program year.

In addition, there will be a new curriculum for elementary school-age children, and, once the youth education programs are up and running, she hopes to have some new programs for adults as well.

Fortunately, Hall said, there is “no shortage of fabulous people” willing to teach Sunday School, so she will be able to focus on her role as point person and coordinator. With her position being just 10 hours a week, two of which will be on Sundays, she is aware of the need to avoid getting spread too thin.

“I’ll do what I can,” she said. She will also be doing some project work for an organization in Lincolnville to supplement her church salary.

Hall said her vision of success would be that a year from now there are “more kids in Sunday School, a really vital youth group with kids who want to be there, and families are coming to church because their kids have heard about the youth group and want to come.”