Belfast Harbor was buzzing with activity all weekend with the annual Belfast Harbor Festival taking over the area. And one of the larger events of the weekend proved to be the 10th annual Come Boating! Rowing Regatta that featured six gigs and two one-man crafts all hoping to bring home the top time of the day.

In the end, it was a local gig that took first0place honors, with the Selkie finishing ahead of the pack with a time of 28 minutes and 23 seconds.

The Selkie and the Belle Fast were the two local gigs, while the four other gigs hailed from Plymouth, Buzzard’s Bay and Gloucester, Mass.

The race began in the middle of the harbor and the course was three nautical miles, just touching the outside of the harbor after rounding the monument and heading back to the Belfast Boathouse.

Official race results for the gigs were: 1, Selkie, 28:23; 2, Mike Jenness Sr., 28:45; 3, Gail Force, 31:13; 4, Siren’s Song, 33:30; 5, Interceptor, 33:43; and 6, Belle Fast, 35:06.

Daniel Guiod finished at 32:37 in his sliding seat single scull, while George Hill finished the race with a time of 39:44 in his Adirondack guideboat.

In the youth race, Selkie took home first-place honors, while Gail Force finished second and Belle Fast third. Times for the youth race were unavailable.

The following is a list of each adult gig, with team members included (youth racers are also listed below):

Selkie — Malcolm Gater (coxman), Wes Reddick, Greg Stafford, Rafe Blood, Jonathan Fulford, Tyler Demere and Jim Bahoosh

Belle Fast — Joanne Moesswilde (coxman), Roy Rodgers, Becca Follansbee, Chris Gordon, Marnie Reeve, Monica Piccinini and Willy Reddick.

Mike Jenness Sr. (Plymouth, Mass.) — Chris Snow (coxman), Mike Jenness, Tim Snow, David Senfeld, Ron Bodie, Kurt Bittrolff and Josh Sevield.

The Interceptor (Plymouth, Mass) — Janet Holmes, Nancy Barrett, Mary Patrice-Ruocco, Tony Tuocco, Lauren Chartier, Hilary Moll and Jake Mittrolff.

Gail Force (Buzzards Bay, Mass.) — Jean West (coxman), Laura Anderson, Dan Georgianna, Tom Blumetti, John McCoy, Joe Pelczar and Steve Lundgren.

Siren’s Song (Gloucester, Mass) — Richard Shaw, Thomas Pearce, Bonnie Brugger, William Helmuth, Esther Martin, Roger Torre and Steven Sacca.

Taking part in the youth races were Clayton Clementson, Cameron Jack, Soren Moesswilde, Sammy Kostusyk, Trisha Kostusyk, Fiona Kostusyk, Matt Webber, Mark Webber, Tiffany Webber, Devin Walauski, Rowan Walauski, Quinn Walauski, Valerie Shacklett, Natasha Shacklett, Alex Jones, Aaron Jones, Steven Jones and Jayden Schumacker.

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