After an overcast morning and light rain at midday, the weather cleared just in time for the second annual Belfast Street Party.

Attendance at the event, which included fair amusements, three bands and a number of food vendors, did not appear to be affected by the forecast, as crowds filled a two-block-long section of High Street from the late afternoon well into the evening.

Other attractions included a choreographed dance of the “Time Warp” from the “Rocky Horror Picture Show,” organized by Courtney Porter, whose troupe performed a Michael Jackson tribute last year.

There was also a “flash mob” event in which people on the street, including the band, suddenly froze in place, staying that way for two minutes. At the sound of a fog horn, the crowd resumed its activities as though nothing had happened.

Speaking the day after the party, Mike Hurley, who helped organize the event both years, said this year’s Street Party benefited from much more volunteer help, and from the involvement of Our Town Belfast, the downtown business group that organized the event.

Hurley said there is already excitement among organizers for next year’s event, which he hoped would take place more firmly in the summer season.

“Next week school starts. You can feel fall is in the air,” he said. “The first or second week of August nobody’s thinking of fall, so I think we’ll move it up a little next year.”