Bath Adult Education will offer a class on baseball scorekeeping on Thursday, Oct. 7. The class will be taught by Thomas Hinton, official scorer for the Eastern League of Professional Baseball Clubs.

Called a “master scorekeeper” and “one of the best” by Portland Press Herald sports writer Kevin Thomas, Hinton brings his knowledge of the rules and history of baseball to the topic of scorekeeping. Students will explore the beginnings of baseball along with the movers who shaped the game, hold in-depth discussions of the application of Section 10 of the Official Rules of Baseball, and score games.

Keeping score at a baseball game has more benefits than just knowing how many pitches have been thrown. Those fans who keep score are able to dazzle and amaze their fellow fans with their knowledge of baseball. Parents who teach their children to keep score are teaching observation and math skills in a fun way as well as building a love for America’s game.

Who better to teach scorekeeping than a professional baseball scorer. “Baseball scorekeeping can be as simple or as complicated as the observer wishes it to be,” Hinton said. “I’ve known six year olds who keep a simple but accurate book. The class will fit all levels of scoring. It will be appropriate for the person who just wants to learn to keep score for the local Babe Ruth league. However, if you want to keep all 51 of the stats a professional scorer must keep we will cover that as well.”

Whether you want to learn to keep a scorebook, improve your scorekeeping skills, talk about baseball, or explore American history through the development of the game, this class will fit the bill. Hinton’s casual approach and “insider” stories bring the art of scorekeeping to life. Bring your pencils; peanuts and Cracker Jack are optional.

To sign up for the class, call 443-8255, e-mail or go online at For more information on baseball scorekeeping e-mail Hinton at

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