Police are asking for the public’s help in tracking down several individuals believed to have been involved in a Sept. 1 incident in which a dart was blown from a blowgun at an unsuspecting bystander.

According to Detective Bryan Cunningham, a 19-year-old Rockport man was standing in front of the Awesome Diner (formerly Dudley’s Diner) on Main Street around 10:20 a.m. when he thought he felt something on his leg.

Upon closer inspection, it turned out that a dart from a blowgun had gone through his pants leg. Cunningham said the dart, which is slightly more than four inches long, did not penetrate the victim’s skin.

The man was able to tell police that it appeared the dart had come from a powder blue sedan with three males inside.

Police checked with the nearby Army-Navy store, and learned that the store sells a lot of blowguns and darts.

“They’re not illegal,” said Cunningham, regarding the weapons. “Like a lot of things, such as BB guns, it all depends on how you use them.”

Cunningham said police had received no other reports of similar incidents. Because the victim is not from the immediate area, Cunningham said, police believe it was a random incident rather than a targeted attack.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact the Belfast Police Department by calling 338-2420. Officer Wendall Ward is investigating the incident.

“We’d like to know who’s going around doing this,” said Cunningham.