Three large Baltimore Orioles bobbleheads made by local businessman Mike Hurley’s Fiberglass Farm were recently installed outside Camden Yards, the Orioles’ home field in Baltimore. The mascot, known simply as “The Oriole Bird,” is depicted as it appeared in the 1960s, 1970s and in 2002.

Fiberglass Farm — an Internet-based company that Hurley said uses artists and fabricators around the country — was behind the dozens of fiberglass bears customized by local artists for the 2001-03 Belfast Bearfests. The Oriole Birds were fabricated in New Hampshire.

Hurley, who also serves on the Belfast City Council, said he saw the project as part of a secondary, Internet-based economy that is easy to overlook in discussions of the local economy.

“When we talk about economic development, it’s all about ‘Can we see it? Can we point to it?'” he said. “But there must be just hundreds of little companies like mine that are really a factor in our local economy that are just completely invisible.”