The clank of armor, the clash of battle and the music of the Middle Ages brought the past to life for the entertainment of those who spent the day at Fort Knox Sept. 11.

The state historic site was transformed into “Fort Knox Castle,” where lords, ladies, knights and maidens gathered for rapier duels, fencing, music and dancing at the daylong Medieval Tournament.

The Society for Creative Anachronism hosted the event. Members of the local chapter, referred to as the Shire of Endewearde, offered period art and science demonstrations, participated in various melees and duels and performed musical and dance performances, all while wearing clothing or armor of the Middle Ages.

Saturday’s event also featured a period clothing fashion show, thrown weapons and archery ranges and the Pas d’Armes Tournament of Knightly Combat, where knights of all ages showed their fighting skills to the gallery.

Events such as the Medieval Tournament, said SCA member Lord Otto Gottlieb of Hampden, are a way to give the community a glimpse of what learning opportunities await them at their local SCA.

“These kinds of things are a lot of fun, and they’re very family-friendly,” said Gottlieb. “All of us are interested in different things; we have one person who makes armor, and we have people who are interested in pottery or archery.”

Mary Merriam, who is also known as Mary of the High Hills, conducted a spinning demonstration. Spinning, said Merriam, consumed a large part of the lives of women who lived in medieval times.

“Women would spend most of their days doing this, because if they wanted clothes, this is what they had to do,” said Merriam.