Bouyed by Jalen Babin’s stellar all-around performance, among others, the Mount View football team secured its first win of the season — and on its new home at the Larrabee Athletic Field — Saturday afternoon against Dexter.

Babin helped the Mustangs (1-1) notch the 44-12 win with 99 yards rushing on 11 carries and the first two touchdowns for the hosts as they grabbed the momentum and never relinquished it. Babin also took charge defensively with five solo tackles, two assisted tackles and three quarterback sacks.

Mustang coach Jack Brady said Babin was the most valuable player of the game. “He led the game on both sides of the ball,” the coach said. “He was an absolute monster for us, going both ways. He played ironman football. [He] played almost every play of the game and played at an incredibly high level.”

The coach was, needless to state, pleased with the team’s first win. “It felt great. We did all the things right this week. We cleaned up the mistakes we made last week and saw the results.”

He said Dexter, despite being 0-2, is a “pretty big, physical team and we felt very good to be able to play that well against them.”

Cameron Ross scored for Dexter with an 80-yard kickoff return in the final quarter and Andrew Levensalor add a late 55-yard scoring run for the Tigers.

On offense for the Mustangs, Adrian Melton scored two rushing touchdowns. Aaron Santana rushed nine times for 88 yards and completed 7-of-12 passes for 120 yards. He also had a 38-yard scoring run in the second quarter and converted four two-point conversions — three via the pass.

Also for the ‘Stangs, Will Nunn had five carries for 112 yards and gave the hosts a 12-yard scoring run in the final stanza.

Babin made three receptions for 85 yards and Craig Nealley a catch for 23 yards.

The ‘Stangs maintained constant pressure on the Tigers with nine quarterback sacks.

Coach Brady said the Mustangs played almost all of their cards correctly. He said the players blocked well, created holes for the running backs to move through and played a strong defense.

“Defensively we were just monstrous out there,” he said. “Everybody played well on ‘D.’ We had great pass coverage. We were shutting down the outside and stopping up the inside.”

The win gave the ‘Stangs a mental boost, one that may carry them through a tough game against another Tiger opponent this week: Rockland. “It really put us in a good position mentally,” Brady said.

He added that Rockland is not an easy opponent, but, now that the Mustangs beat Dexter, they are ready for the next challenge. “It is going to give us some confidence going into the game to know that we can play at that level,” Brady said.

Mount View will be at Rockland on Friday, Sept. 17 at 7 p.m.

Mount View scored six points in the first quarter, 14 in the second, 16 in the third and eight in the fourth. Dexter tallied 12 points in the fourth quarter.

For the Mustangs, Babin started the scoring with a one-yard run followed by an 11-yard scoring burst to put Mount View ahead early. Santana responded with a 38-yard run and a two-point rush. Melton scored on a 12-yard run followed by Nunn’s two-point conversion on a Santana pass.

Melton continued his strong game with a four-yard score, but this time Taylor Reynolds made the two-point conversion on Santana’s pass. Nunn then took a turn at scoring with a 12-yard run that Justin Sigouin scored extra points on from Santana’s pass.

Defensively for Mount View, Jake Blanchette was the lead tackler with six solos and four assists. He was followed by Nealley with five solos and four assists; Babin with five solos, two assists and three quarterback sacks for three, nine and fifteen yards; Andrew Gibbs with two solos, two assists and a sack; Mark Dolloff with five solos; Bill Ripley with four solos and two assists; and Sebastian LaForge with three tackles and two assists.

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