A local father was arrested on an aggravated operating under the influence charge Sept. 14 while picking his children up from an area elementary school.

Jason W. Slaughter, 42, of Belfast was arrested on a charge of OUI and was also summoned for sale and use of drug paraphernalia and possession of a usable amount of marijuana.

Belfast Police Chief Jeff Trafton said police became aware of the situation after a local probation officer saw Slaughter staggering out of an elementary school as he was picking up his children at 3:25 p.m. The probation officer immediately contacted the Belfast Police Department and reported what he observed.

Belfast Officer Mike Rolerson responded to the complaint, and he spotted Slaughter’s 1997 Toyota just as Slaughter was headed down Miller Street.

Trafton said that when Rolerson stopped Slaughter, his two children were in the vehicle. Slaughter failed all of his field sobriety tests, and Trafton said his blood alcohol content was at .21 percent. Upon further inspection, Rolerson found that Slaughter also had drugs in his possession.

“He had a usable amount of marijuana with him and a pipe, so he was charged with possession of both,” Trafton said.

Rolerson then took Slaughter into custody, and contacted a relative to come pick up the children.

Trafton said Slaughter faces an aggravated OUI charge because of his high blood alcohol content, and because there were children in the vehicle.

Incidents like this, said Trafton, bring attention to the fact that there are likely others on the road who are driving while impaired and have yet to be caught.

“That’s part of what makes the road the most dangerous place to be,” he said.

Trafton said Slaughter remained in custody at the Waldo County Jail as of Sept. 15.

Slaughter is scheduled to appear in Fifth District Court Monday, Nov. 22.