A lawsuit by the city of Belfast against the owner of the former Stinson Seafood property Sept. 10 ended on an uncertain note, according to city officials, who left the hearing puzzled as to where the proceedings stand.

A year ago, the city demanded the demolition of the former cannery at the north end of the property, dubbed Building 1, because it was seen as posing a number of safety risks. The building was to be removed by Dec. 15, but the date came and went with only minor changes to the site, including the erection of some fencing and signs to deter people from entering the building.

According to city officials, the owner of the property, Belfast Bridge LLC, never responded to the order, and in June the city filed two lawsuits: to force the demolition of Building 1 and to clarify the terms of the contract rezoning agreement between the city and the developer.

The suit to clarify the rezoning contract is in the Superior Court system, according to City Attorney Bill Kelly, who previously said he believed it would be some time before it came before a judge. Friday’s hearing was to determine the fate of Building 1.

The 100-year-old building was partially dismantled in 2006 during a failed attempt to redevelop the site as a condo, retail, office and marina complex called Wakeag Landing.

Friday’s hearing comprised over two hours of testimony from Belfast Code Enforcement Officer David Studer, who corroborated statements from his October 2009 report about the condition of the building and reported that little had changed in the intervening year.

According to City Planner Wayne Marshall, the hearing on Friday ended abruptly at the beginning of questioning by the counsel for Belfast Bridge LLC. Marshall said Kelly challenged the developer’s lawyer, at which point the judge and both lawyers had a discussion behind closed doors.

“What that discussion was, at this point, I don’t know,” Marshall said.

Neither Kelly nor the attorney for Belfast Bridge LLC immediately responded to a request for comment.