Rescue workers had to free a Belfast man from his vehicle Sunday, Sept. 19, after he blacked out and lost control of the van he was driving.

David K. Robinson, 58, was headed north on Swan Lake Avenue when he suddenly blacked out, according to the accident report on file at the Belfast Police Department. Robinson locked up his brakes, which sent his 1993 Dodge van into a sideways skid. The van continued skidding off the road, rolling onto its roof and coming to rest in the ditch.

Belfast Ambulance and Rescue was called to the scene, and upon arrival rescue crews cut the seat belt that was preventing Robinson from exiting the vehicle.

The operator later told police, according to the accident report, that he did not recall the accident. He stated that he was coming from town and was headed to a trailer park on Swan Lake Avenue. Robinson had passed the driveway to the trailer park about 200 yards back from where the accident took place, but stated that he had no memory of passing the trailer park.

Robinson, who was suffering from shock as a result of the accident, was treated at the scene.

Damage to the van was estimated at $6,500.