The Belfast City Council named Tod Rosenberg Belfast Code Enforcement Officer Sept. 21 replacing outgoing CEO David Studer, who gave notice of his resignation in July.

Rosenberg is currently CEO of Topsham, and City Planner Wayne Marshall said Tuesday night that his four years’ experience there would be particularly helpful in navigating some of the changes to residential zoning in the city’s recently adopted comprehensive plan.

Rosenberg, a New Jersey native, has a background in electrical mechanical technologies, having received most of his training during 26 years in the Air Force — 15 of which were spent as a civil engineer. In the service, Rosenberg said, his work encompassed all the trades relevant to the work of a code enforcement officer.

On Tuesday, the Council also appointed Marshall as interim CEO at the city planner’s request in order to help with a lawsuit between the city and the owner of the former Stinson Seafood property, currently under way.

Studer, who will remain with the city until Oct. 15, testified in that case earlier this month and Marshall said no further testimony may be needed from the CEO, but he asked for the appointment as a precaution.

Marshall said Rosenberg would likely begin working on Oct. 18.

“It should be very smooth,” he said. “One’s out on Friday, a new one’s in on Monday.”