Wednesday saw a splatter of sports action for Waldo County high schools as soccer and golf teams headed to the grass for their games/matches.

In soccer, the Islesboro coed team beat Highview Christian of Charleston and the Searsport boys squad lost to Sumner of East Sullivan. In golf, Searsport beat Deer-Isle Stonington.

Boys soccer

Islesboro 9, Highview Christian 2 … At Charleston, D.J. Johnson led the Eagles with a hat trick — plus one — to allow the islanders to a lopsided win over Highview Christian.

For the victors, Johnson tallied four goals and two assists and Max Mahan and Jason Hatch both two goals.

Goalie Gerard Sherr had seven saves for Islesboro.

The Eagles (4-1, 7.4226 points) are fourth in Western Class D. Greenville (4-1-1, 14.6386 points) is first in the 10-team region.

Sumner 6, Searsport 2 … At Searsport, Sumner came to play a strong game as Joey Malloy led the Tigers of East Sullivan with two goals.

Xavier Tracey, Zack Simmons, Brendan Tenney and Gabe O’Brien added a goal each for Sumner.

Will Hutchinson tallied two goals for Searsport.

Buddy Ellis manned the goal for the Vikings and had seven saves. Brendan Tenney had five stops for Sumner.

Sumner outshot the hosts 17-8, but faced a 2-1 corner kick deficit.

Hutchinson opened the scoring with a goal in the first half. Sumner responded with four straight goals from O’Brien, Malloy, Tracey and Simmons.  The goals were at 17 minutes, 12:50, 11:18 and 9:25 remaining in the first half.

Huchinson added his final goal with 1:25 to go in the first half.

Sumner scored its final two goals in the second half. Malloy tallied a goal with 39:07 left and Tenney netted one with 1:43 remaining.

Searsport (1-6, 0.7143 of a point) is 18th (last) in Eastern Class C. Madawaska (6-3, 38.1378 points) is first in the 18-team region.


Searsport 174, Deer-Isle Stonington 185 … In their final home match of the regular season, the Vikings beat their island guest by more than 10 strokes to improve to 7-1. The Mariners are now 6-2.

Searsport’s nine-hole individual scores were: Allen Connor 40, Jacob Allenwood 40, Tim French 49, Alex Carroll 48, Dillon Moody 47, Rocky Faunce 47, Jacob Bucklin 55, Matt Gray 58 and Ben Bucklin 61.

Deer-Isle Stonington’s scores were: Sam Grindle 39 (medalist), Connor Morey 44, Drew Siebert 50, Nick Eaton 52, Nick Trundy 58, Alex Eaton 62 and Andy Turner 68.

The Vikings have played the Mariners three times so far and have won two of the encounters.

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