Police transported a Turner man to Penobscot Bay Medical Center in Rockport for an evaluation following a daylong terror spree that reportedly spanned from Gardner to Liberty on Friday, Oct. 1.

Ross A. Dulac, 58, was charged with refusing to sign a summons and two counts of criminal trespass. According to public access records at the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office, Dulac was also charged with threatening display of a dangerous weapon.

The Waldo County Sheriff’s Office initially received a call from a complainant in Liberty who stated that a man was stumbling out of the woods and was covered in mud, according to a press release issued Tuesday, Oct. 5. The man seemed disoriented, according to the complainant, and had been lying in a ditch the last time the complainant had seen him.

Deputy Arthur Smith and Liberty Fire and Ambulance personnel set out to locate the man, but they were unsuccessful.

About an hour later, according to the press release, another complainant called from Liberty and stated that there was an unfamiliar vehicle sitting in their driveway when they arrived home. The caller claimed that information inside the vehicle identified the owner as Dulac. The caller added that when their son arrived home from school, he found the front door of the residence open. Upon entering the house, the boy reportedly heard someone run out the rear door of the home.

While processing that complaint, Smith received a third complaint, this time from a Liberty apartment complex. The caller stated that a man covered in mud and carrying a large knife had shown up there and asked for a certain female. When Dulac was told the woman did not live there, he ran into the woods, according to the press release.

A Maine State Police K-9 unit was called to assist in the search for Dulac. In the meantime, police had obtained information that Dulac had gone to a school in Gardiner earlier in the day and had apparently asked to see all the children. School officials there requested that Dulac leave school property, and he complied. Officers at the Gardiner Police Department were able to make contact with Dulac a short time later, but they were unable to take Dulac into custody, according to the release.

Police also learned that Dulac was involved in an armed standoff with police in the early 1990s, which resulted in his being shot.

As the search for Dulac continued, a fourth complainant in Liberty contacted police to report that there was a male with a large knife on his back deck.

Sheriff’s officers and state police arrived at the residence of the fourth complainant, where Dulac was arrested without incident.