Unemployed workers who filed a weekly claim for benefits Sunday, Oct. 3, or early Monday, Oct. 4, may have received a confusing message about their eligibility, according to Maine Department of Labor officials.

According to a Department of Labor press release, a technical glitch in the computer system that processes automated phone and Internet weekly claims led to laid-off workers’ receiving the notice that there were no available weeks to claim.

The problem was resolved by mid-morning Monday; the department encourages anyone who had trouble filing a weekly claim during that time to try again.

“The issue did not create a disruption in check processing for those who have filed a claim for this week,” said Laura Boyett, director of the Bureau of Unemployment Compensation. “Workers who had trouble filing on Sunday or early Monday should try filing their weekly claim again.”

Laid-off workers can file weekly unemployment claims by phone or online 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 800-593-7660 (TTY: 888-457-8884) or visiting fileforui.com.