It did not take long for 11-year-old Myia Hanson to realize every first hunter’s dream when the Lincolnville Central School student bagged a moose in Westfield a few minutes into the 2010 Maine hunting season.

Perhaps more impressive than the brief time frame is that Hanson accomplished the kill of the massive animal with only one shot during the Sept. 27 hunt.

Hanson, the daughter of Jeffry Hanson of Searsmont and Jodi Hanson of Lincolnville, went on her first moose hunt with her dad and grandfather Neil Hanson of Greenville.

At 6:20 a.m. on Sept. 27, the sixth-grader, whose dad was the subpermittee, spotted a moose about 110 yards away in the woods. Neil jumped out with Myia and set up the shooting sticks, and the grandfather loaded the 7mm-08 rifle with managed recoil ammo. Myia took aim, squeezed off one shot and the moose took a few steps off the skidder path.

Myia and her dad took off to track the moose and, just 50 yards into the woods, they spotted the downed moose. It had been felled by one well-placed shot, by the youngster, to the heart of the animal.

At 6:25 a.m. — just 25 minutes from when the youngster’s journey began — on the first day of the new hunting season during her first moose hunt, Myia had her 955-pound moose — which had a 41-inch antler spread with 17 points — lying at her feet.

“Myia’s smile was larger than the moose, and she knew she would have moose meat for ice fishing cause a girl’s got to eat,” said Jeffry. “Myia feels very proud of
her accomplishment and is looking forward to many moose dinners cooked by
her dad.”

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