Folks, you are not going to believe what has happened since I wrote about Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally that Max and I attended in August.

After returning home, I was so moved by the whole experience that I wrote about it twice in this column. I enjoyed sharing this life experience that I had outside of the law enforcement realm.

I received many wonderful comments and one or two not-so-wonderful ones. As I was replying to an e-mail from a close neighbor, Ellie, about the columns, an e-mail landed in my in box from Joseph Kerry at the Glenn Beck program.

For kicks, I wrote to Ellie that I had just received an e-mail from the Beck program and was wondering just what that might bring. Ellie replied she hoped it would bring something special. Boy, does she have insight.

The e-mail from Kerry stated that people with Glenn Beck’s program had read my column about attending the rally and wanted to speak with me and could I provide them with information on how to reach me by phone.

Now, I have a lot of pranks played on me, particularly by my friend and former cohort, retired Game Warden John Ford. And I usually get the worst of it. This had to be a setup, I kept thinking to myself. But I bit anyway, to find out what exactly John was up to. I replied to the e-mail, and gave out my home and cell phone numbers.

The following day, I received another e-mail from the same Joseph Kerry asking me to call him instead. Yeah OK, John is really going to get me this time. I can’t count how many dial-a-prayers John had me call in the ’80s.

But I made the call and it went to an answering machine that had a sweet-sounding voice of someone who said she was Sarah. I hung up without leaving any message. That son of a gun. I was game, though, and love a good prank, so I called again a little later and that time left a message telling Sarah I was only going to be home till 10:30 or so. Lo and behold, I got a phone call from Joseph Kerry just before I had to leave.

“Is this Mark Nickerson?” the caller asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

“I apologize for the delay in getting in touch with you, but do you have a minute to speak with me?” he asked.

Bracing myself for the surprise of my life, I said, “Of course.”

“The story you wrote about your son and you attending the rally in D.C. was brought in to me one evening just before I was leaving for the day. I was rather anxious to leave to get home, but my coworker was insistent that I read your story. I really was in no mood, but I read the first paragraph and it grabbed me. I sat down and read the whole story. It was an amazing story. I took it in and showed it to Glenn. After he read the story, he asked me if I thought I could get you and Max to come to the show.

“So what do you think, Mark, is it possible for you to come to New York City and be on our show next week?” he inquired.

Not wanting to sound too anxious and still wondering if John was setting me up, I told him that I would love to.

“Do you think your son would like to come also?”

“Oh yeah. He can miss a day of school for an experience like this,” I said.

“Well, I will have one of the producers of the show contact you and set up your itinerary and get you down here for next week. Thank you once again,” he said.

I still could not fathom that all of this was really happening.

I left to take a friend to the hospital, but she was insistent that I stop by Max’s school and give him the news. Glenn Beck is his hero, and this would make his day for sure. I called the school and asked for Max to be in the front lobby when I got there. When I pulled in he was coming out the front door.

“Max, you know next week is kind of full for you. You want to go moose-hunting with your friend and go to Baltimore with your mom to visit your great-grandmother,” I told him.


“Well, something else has come up and you probably won’t have time to do this,” I said. “But the Glenn Beck TV program called and wanted to know if you and I would like to be flown down to New York City to be on his TV program next week.”

Max grabbed his head and jumped up and down like he just won a million-dollar lottery.

“Well, do you want to or not? Are you going to have the time?” I teased.

“Are you kidding me? We’re going to New York City? Of course I want to go!”

“All right, one of the producers of the show is going to call and make the arrangements. I’ll talk with you later about it. Now, get back in school,” I said with a huge smile. Nothing makes me happier than making someone else happy, and my son was ecstatic.

Later that day, I had several messages and e-mails from Mina, a producer of the Glenn Beck TV program. I had several conversations with her and she treated me wonderfully. I expressed my concern about going to the big city and how nervous it was making me, but she put me at ease and told me it was her job to make this as smooth as possible. She offered to have a car come to my home in Unity and drive us to the airport. I told her I don’t think that is done up here.

But the plan is made. Tuesday, Oct. 5, my son and I were to fly out of Bangor and arrive at LaGuardia Airport in New York City and be chauffeured to Fox News Studio. The show will be taped that evening, and will be aired at 5 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 6, on the Fox News channel. After the show, we will be taken back to the airport for the flight home.

How is that for a whirlwind day of school for Max?

In the next column, I will tell you all about the adventure and share photos.

Mark Nickerson is a retired Maine State Police Trooper. who lives in Unity. The 28-year veteran and award-winning columnist may be reached at