A local teen was transported to Waldo County General Hospital after she apparently suffered a seizure while hiking on an area trail late Monday morning, Oct. 11.

Belfast Patrolman Eric Kelley said a female in her mid-teens was hiking with relatives along a two-mile-plus trail that starts near the YMCA and winds toward Route 52 when she apparently suffered a seizure.

“She went down, and the people who were with her called 911 on a cell phone,” Kelley said.

Kelley and Patrolman Mike Rolerson responded to the call, as did the Belfast Fire Department and Belfast Ambulance and Rescue. Kelley began his search for the girl at the portion of the trail near Walsh Field, while Rolerson headed to the Route 52 side of the trail. In the meantime, the girl’s family remained on the phone with dispatchers at the Waldo County Regional Communications Center to assist medical personnel in pinning down their location.

Fire and ambulance crews reportedly found the girl first, and used sirens on the ambulance to help lead the officers to the scene.

Kelley said the girl and her relatives were located near the Dog Island Bridge, and when the officers arrived, the teen was unresponsive. Kelley said the girl was still unable to respond to medical personnel even after emergency crews got her to the ambulance.

“The ambulance was able to meet us halfway out into the woods, and she was transported to the hospital,” said Kelley, who noted that the teen apparently has a medical history of seizures.

Kelley did not know if the teen’s condition had improved when he spoke with the Journal Monday afternoon.

Kelley said adding mile markers and other landmarks along all city trails could aid in locating an injured or sick hiker in the future.