A Searsport man is facing several charges as a result of his apparent attempts to lose police by driving through cornfields and taking off on foot during a brief chase early Monday morning, Oct. 11.

Police arrested Jay S. Drinkwater, 46, on charges of driving to endanger, operating under the influence, eluding an officer and failure to stop after the alleged incidents, which occurred just after midnight Monday.

Waldo County Chief Deputy Bob Keating said Deputy Dan Thompson initially spotted a black truck with a white door traveling past him on Lang Hill Highway in Brooks. A short time later, Thompson saw the same vehicle headed back towards him. As the vehicle reached the intersection of Lang Hill Highway and Waldo Station Road, Thompson saw the truck roll through the intersection without stopping.

Thompson followed the vehicle and attempted to execute a traffic stop, but the driver of the truck, whom police later identified as Drinkwater, did not pull over and instead continued along the road and then turned into a cornfield.

Thompson was able to follow Drinkwater, who ended up back on Waldo Station Road and was continuing towards Waterville Road. Keating said that was when Drinkwater drove his truck into a second cornfield, where he traveled over an embankment and re-entered the roadway. Minutes later, Keating said, Drinkwater drove into another field in a third apparent attempt to shake Thompson.

By this time, Keating said, Sgt. James Greeley had joined Thompson to assist with the pursuit, and Maine State Police Trooper Shawn Porter and his K-9 were also on their way to the area.

While awaiting the arrival of Porter and the tracking dog, Keating said, Greeley and Thompson headed into the field to try to locate Drinkwater on foot. A short distance into the field, the two officers observed a male who was walking out of the woods. They shined their flashlights on the subject and ordered him to stop, but the man then ran into some nearby bushes. Greeley and Thompson found the man soon after, and were able to identify him as Drinkwater.

Keating said when Porter arrived, the K-9 followed Drinkwater’s scent from the black-and-white truck, which was still parked in the field, to the location near the bushes where police took him into custody.

Drinkwater was transported to the Waldo County Jail. He is scheduled to appear in Waldo County Superior Court Monday, Nov. 22.